Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Happy Birthday Colten and Jeret!

Happy Birthday Colten! We hope you know how loved you truly are!

Here is Colten just 1 month old!

And here is our full of life 3 year old!

Thanks for fighting the good fight for us! I hope you know how proud of you we are and how much we love you and your brother!

Jeret may you rest in peace sweet baby boy. We miss you so much!

Colten's Birthday Party!

Well it's offical. My baby boy is now three years old! We had a party for him over the weekend and had so much fun. He loved it and is still on a high from it. We are so blessed to have so many friends and family members attend. Thanks for making Colten's day so special. Enjoy!
Here is Colten taking a wack at his pinata!

And all the kids picking up the candy...I think they had a lot of fun!

The Birthday Boy eating! He had so much fun!

Aubrey had so much fun...She almost made it through but had to nap during cake and presents!

Here she is back awake and having fun!

Even Miss Addison made it to the party!

Colten and Gabby LOVED the drums!

Cake Number 1!

Cake Number 2!

Colten and his new trains! He really just wanted to open everything!

Here is Colten going down the slide!

Aubrey and I had a turn too!

Bricen was just plain CRAZY!

Colten, Aubrey, and Peyton in the bouncy house!

I just wanted to say thanks again to everyone! We appreciate you helping make his day extra special!

PS! I have been SO Busy that I forgot to wish Grandpa Mike a happy birthday last week. We hope it was great!

Friday, December 18, 2009

Cookie fun!

On their snow day Aubrey, Colten, and Bricen made cookies with Grandma Karen, and Grandma Donna. They had lots of fun, and again I wish I could have been there.

Here is the three of them cutting the cookies out!

Colten has decided he had enough.

Grandma Donna and Aubrey

Aubrey is a mess but I am told she had a great time.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Aren't they Cute?

We have Santa Aubrey.

Spiderman Colten

And Spider man Bricen

I couldn't love them any more!


Last week we got enough snow here to cancel school for both Colten, and Bricen for two days. Although Justin and I both had to work my mom and Justin's mom were able to take care of the kidos. They went sledding and my mom took lots of pictures for me. I wish I could have been there to join in the fun...I guess I should have been a teacher!

Colten and Aubrey ready to go sledding!

The boys going back up the hill after they went down. I was told they had a blast!

He looks cold but he is still having fun!

The boys with their snow...They are nuts!

Colten and his snow!

Aubrey in the snow. She looks so cold! Poor girl!

This one is not on their snow day but I thought it was to cute not to share!

Aubrey finally has some one to play with too!

Monday, December 14, 2009

Santa Clause and Bath Time!

I know the two themes don't go very well together, but I am to lazy to do two separate posts. We have been very busy lately getting ready for everything that Christmas has to offer and Colten's third birthday party! I still can't believe that my little baby boy is going to be three in a little over a week. Wow! Enjoy the pictures!

Miss Aubrey getting all clean at Grandma's house!

She loves bath time.

Colten showing off his big guns!

Even Bricen joined in the fun!

Colten's cheesy smile!

Colten telling Santa what he wanted for Christmas. He did really well and mad me one proud mama!

The three kids with Santa!

My two favorite kids with Santa. Aubrey wasn't sure!

Colten being cute after he told Santa he wanted drum sticks, and a red gun!

And Aubrey thinks she gets to do anything that Colten does!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

It's begining to look a lot like Christmas!

Well we put up the tree over the weekend and really enjoyed doing it as a family. Justin took all the pictures and I really wish that we would have realized it so that he could have been in some...oh well that's how it always seems to work!
Please ignore the mess that is my house in this picture (we still have the storage containers out). Here are the two kids putting decorations on the tree! They really got into, needless to say all of our items are on the bottom instead of the top! Its very cute and I am leaving it the way that they did it!

And again! Colten is trying to decide which one is next!

Colten and I going through it all!

Aubrey attempting to help! She really likes all of the lights and said "oh my goodness" it was very cute and I think that might have been her first sentence! So sweet!

Sprint Center Game

We were lucky enough this weekend to be able to travel to Kansas City to watch the Cats play at the Sprint Center. We had a lot of fun but really missed Colten. He decided that he wanted to stay home and play with cousin Bricen. They have a lot of fun together so we decided why not.

Here is Aubrey wearing Papa's glasses. What a goofy girl...yes I know this can not be good for her eyes!

Aubrey and Willie. She really was not a fan!

My baby girl and I! We are so fortunate!

We had a great time and hope the Cats get MANY more victories this season!