Thursday, May 24, 2018


The girls started softball in Clay Center last night. They both did an amazing job. So sweet and so fun to watch. Proud of both my girls.
Grandma and Aubrey were pretty cute while we were waiting on Claire's game to start.

She is so stinking cute in the field! 
She was thrilled to have number 15! Colten has it and she was beyond excited.
These next few are of her running home. So fun to watch her. She was pretty proud. She has been watching for years so it was finally her turn.

Claire's turn to be silly with grandma.

Aubrey played right after! She did awesome too. She played at second and third and had an awesome hit.

Last Few Days of School...

Claire's class went and had a zoo picnic on the second to last day of school! She had a great time!
These are from her dad's birthday! He wanted to go to the high school baseball game so we did! Claire loved the park there, I love these pictures because they make her look little! :)

Last Day of School...

The last day of school for these three was the 17th.  It was a big year for them with the move but they handled it like pros and Justin and I could not be prouder of them. Off to 6th, 5th, and 1st grade! Now to find a time machine to go back to when they were little!

Claire had her field day during the last day and did an awesome job!


This girl played soccer once again and did a beyond amazing job! So fun to watch her improve from season to season!

Colten - End of School Activities...

Colten ended the school year with a music program, and a volcano launch! He did a wonderful job at both events!