Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Monday, June 26, 2017


Summer camps are in full force! Colten attended basketball, and baseball.  Aubrey did volleyball camp. It is neat to watch them grow for sure.  
Colten is in the front row in the gray and red shirt.  One of his friends from his baseball team was able to attend with him.
For baseball camp he had three of his teammates with him.  They were a great little team!
Aubrey did volleyball camp. I didn't get a picture with her and her good friend but they had lots of fun together.  Hopefully they will get put on the same team this fall!

Lazy Summer Days..

We have been able to enjoy some lazy summer days! They are good for the soul!

Citizenship Award...

This girl won the citizenship award for her class again this year. I am so proud of her. She is such a caring soul and when someone else recognizes it my heart beams with pride!  SO proud of her.

Her teacher this year was amazing. Colten had her too and she really is a gift to her students.

Her best friend won for her class!
These boys did not win however they did an awesome dance during the talent show. It made everyone laugh for sure!

Swimming Lessons...

The girls are all enjoying swimming lessons right now! Claire definitely needs to get more confident in the water, and I hope this will help. Aubrey really didn't need them but I figured if she was going to have to sit and watch everyday she might as well do them too.  The refresher has been great.  

Field Trip...

I was lucky enough to accompany Claire to the bug museum the last week of school.  It was so fun to watch her in her element with friends.  She was HORRIFIED of the bugs (which doesn't shock me) but did have lots of fun with her friends, and her mama. She's off to kindergarten in a couple of months and she could not be more excited.


Justin and I had a fun date night out to Stampede this last weekend. Chris Stapelton was the headliner and he was OK but it was great people watching and we saw LOTS of friends.  Can't wait to do it again next year.


Tads is definitely a summer time favorite at our house!  Claire thinks since Tads is  so close to Tadtman we should get it for free! I think we should at least get a punch card! 

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Monday, June 19, 2017

Memorial Weekend...

Memorial weekend we sent the kids to Texas with my mom.  Amyah is spending the summer at our house, so they went to pick her up!  Despite it being a quick trip the kids had lots of fun. They spent LOTS of time at the pool, and running around the beach!
First stop was McDonald's!
Oh how I wish this funny boy was closer!
First they hit the pool!
They also discovered iCream which they LOVED!

Uncle Bret made the trip too!

The beach was a favorite for all as well!

I think they hit about three different pools during their short stay!

Mexican food is always a hit!
They also enjoyed a little downtime at Aunty Whit's...please note they still have their swim suits on so they could go back to the pool!