Friday, April 28, 2017

States Fair...

Colten presented his State's Fair project this week and did a wonderful job. He spent months researching the state of Maryland and was very knowledgeable about it.  Yesterday they presented their projects to the school and outside visitors. He did a wonderful job and it made our hearts happy to walk in the door and see him presenting to his sister.  Good job bud! One of the millions of reasons we love Manhattan Catholic School!


Poor little Claire has been sick since Monday night.  Considering today is Friday that is a LONG time.  She has run a high fever and just laid in best all day every day.  I finally took her to the doctor yesterday and they confirmed it is something viral and nothing they can do for her.  It breaks my heart.  Today she and I both got a sweet spot in our week when her teacher sent the banner that her classmates made for her.  I love that they truly are a little family and even at five years old their hearts are big enough to realize that they are missing her and want her to feel better.  We are so blessed by our school!

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Wildcat ClassicTournament...

Colten played in another tournament in Manhattan this past weekend and had a wonderful time. The team finished first in their bracket which is always a good time! 😊  He hit the ball, pitched, played left field, and caught.  I love the fact that he is able to play any position and goes with the flow when asked to do something!

Easter Weekend...

Easter weekend was a crazy busy weekend but we had a wonderful time surrounded by people we love! We were able to visit almost everyone and even though there is never enough time to spend with everyone but we were beyond fortunate that we had some time at multiple stops.
This little girl has my whole heart. I love her!
We had our very own Easter bunny this year too!
Amyah made a quick trip to see Boss Baby with us!
We attended a baseball game.

Rode horses.

Had multiple egg hunts!

Feed fish!

Petted puppies!

Attended church, and had a family photo!

We are beyond blessed for all Christ has given us!