Monday, April 29, 2013

Spar Wars...

Several weekends ago Colten competed in a karate tournament called Spar Wars.  He did really well!
Here he is doing his form.  He received high marks from all four of the judges.
Of course his little sisters were there to cheer him on.
Bricen competed too and here he is after a sparing match!
Colten during live sparing action.

Listening after!
Bricen again after a match.
Awards time!
Had to pose with Grandma.
Bricen with his girl cousins!
Good job boys!  I am PROUD of both of you!


Just some random pictures for you!

Easter Hunt...

I just realized that I never posted pictures of our Easter Egg Hunt!
To start Mya and Claire HAD to take a bath after dying eggs, I LOVE bath photo's!

My car had been having some issues so we were forced (suddenly) to get a rental car. Well we had two many kids and not enough seats so we had to make due in order to get home (Justin was out of town, and everyone else was working).  Aren't they cute?
OK, Finally onto Easter Egg Hunt Pictures.  Here is Miss Aubrey excited to begin.
Miss Mya, and Auntie Whit were excited too.
Isn't Addison adorable?  So happy that we are in the same town as all of our nieces, and nephews.  Not many people can say that!
Here are all the kids ready to hunt eggs!
Miss Claire LOVED it.
Colten found TONS of eggs.
Aubrey did too, she also found an Easter basket.
Isn't she cute in her Easter hat?
OK so I didn't take as many pictures of the actual hunt as I thought as I did!  But they were still to cute not to share!

Friday, April 26, 2013

More Picture's...

Naturally when we had Claire's 18 month photo's taken we did some of the big kids too.  I LOVE them all, and it was SO hard to narrow down what to order.