Friday, March 30, 2012

Shot Doctor...

Colten, and I headed to Junction City last week to visit his shoot doctor (that's what Colten calls him and I think it's a great name). We are beyond thrilled with the results he gave us. Colten is doing wonderful from a health stand point (far more important than his height)! We are so grateful that we are able to do this for him. The self-confidence he has gained through it is such a blessing. With that being said Colten is in the 72nd percent for height, and the 43rd for weight. He has come so far from the 2pound 15ounce baby we had! His height was 3feet7inches, and he weighted in at 42 pounds. He is currently growing at a rate of three inches per year, and the average child grows two. The doctor said that he would like to see him continue on the same path that we are currently on with hopes that he will end up taller than his mom and dad we agreed! He does not go back now until September (pending a bone age x-ray).

Feeling Thankful...

The past few days I have been feeling SO very thankful for the life I am fortunate enough to live. I think way to often I get caught up in life, and being way to busy so today I am trying to stop and be truly thankful for everything I have been blessed with, and today (really everyday) I feel as though my biggest blessing is these three sleeping beauties!

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Blast Ball...

Colten had his final blast ball experience this past Sunday. He LOVED the experience and is now thrilled for t-ball to start in a couple of months. We can not wait, and neither can he!
Team Picture.

Running to first base!

Hitting the ball (I know I should have been on the other side of him but I was atempting to stay out of the way).

Such a big kid!

Seriously he melts my heart.

Thanking God that I get to be his biggest cheer-leader! Good job at blast ball budy!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

First Bites...

Claire had her first bites on Monday night and she LOVED it. She kept opening her mouth and looking at me with a huge smile. She made some random faces but kept wanting more. Her first baby food feeding was a success! We started with peaches instead of rice cereal and I am thankful we did. I think she is going to be just like her big sister and love to eat.
Here she is ready for the first bite!

Such a big girl!

Not sure what to think.

Still trying to figure out what I just put in her mouth!

Like I said her first feeding was a success and we can't wait to try all the new foods with her!

Weekend Fun...

Like every spring we have been spending LOTS of time outside. It is wonderful to be able to get out of the house again. We have spent a few days out at the ball park, and a few days at the park. The kids LOVE exploring all the parks around town, and Claire has been easy to bring along too.
Here they are with their adorable cousin at a baseball game. I did have a mini melt down last weekend watching Colten play baseball on the hill. It finally hit me after five years he is officially one of the big kids. I have drug him to the hill numerous times in the last five years and I have always had to worry about what he is doing. Now I can just let him run and know it will be okay. When did my two pound baby get so big? It is so bittersweet.

Here is my big boy playing at the Marlatt playground. Both kids consider all the school play grounds parks too.

He decided he wanted to take his sister on her first trip down a slide. He is such a wonderful big brother and loves his sisters SO much.

Of course Aubrey decided that she needed to take her down the slide too. I promise that despite Claire's facial expressions she LOVED both slides...being help by her brother and sister may be a different story.

Isn't this girl gorgeous? I think she has SO much natural beauty.

So this is basically what our weekends consist of right now. Baseball games, and trips to the park! LOVE it.

Wordless Wednesday...

Friday, March 23, 2012

5 Months...

It's official. My final baby turned 5 months old last week (Wednesday to be exact). It breaks my heart that time is going SO fast. I LOVE the baby stage (really every stage) there is nothing better than snuggling up to a little one. They are always so snugly. I am excited to watch Claire mature into a person but at the same time I wish it didn;t have to be SO fast. At five months old she is rolling over (hasn't mastered it for me yet but her babysitter says she's really good). She jabbers constantly (which I love), and has really discovered her feet (we try and eat them constantly). Claire has a couple of little toys that she loves to play with and it is so cute to see her get excited when she finds them. We have not tried baby food or rice cereal yet but I have a feeling we will in the next couple of days. She still isn't sleeping through the night but does pretty well most nights. I don't have the heart to let her cry it out yet during the night and I am fairly certain that if I did she would fall back to sleep with out any problem. If she weren't my last baby I would try a little harder probably (hey, she will only let me snuggle her for so long). Her brother and sister both still adore her, and she adores them. It is so sweet to watch her interact with them. The photo's from her five month birthday were not taken until after we were in our pj's (I know mother of the year) but she is still beyond adorable in them!

Seriously, she is ADORABLE! We are beyond blessed.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Build A Bear...

The kids have been BEGGING to go to build a bear for several months now. Last Saturday we went to KC to Nebraska Furniture Mart, and then hit up the mall and Build a Bear...FINALLY. A whole lot of money later the kids had stuffed animals that they could not live without! Thank goodness they both still had leftover birthday money because man those things aren't cheap! Of course I didn't take pictures of our final product...I know mother of the year. Like I said they had a great time building their bears, and then riding the carousal in the middle of the mall. It was a pretty great day!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

St. Patrick's Day...

St. Patrick's day at our house was a lot of fun. The day started off with the kids noticing that the potty water had been died green. They were so excited to check and see if the leprechaun's had left behind any treasure after that.
Here they are posing for a picture so that they could begin their treasure hunt.

They searched the house high and low until they found the treasuer he left behind in the dryer (please excuse the mess that is known as my laundry room). The leprechaun left them each a flashlight, a game, and left Claire a set of keys. The picture quality is AWFUL but I was stuck holding Claire since Justin was gone.

They were THRILLED and are already talking about next St. Patrick's day!

Wordless Wednesday...

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Aubrey's Birthday Party...

Aubrey celebrated her birthday with friends the Saturday after her birthday. She had a wonderful turn out, and an even better time. She keeps asking when her next birthday party is going to be!
Aubrey, and her friends listening to all the rules before they could play.
Our little birthday princess!

This is Aubrey with her boyfriend Jack. They did not leave each other's side the entire night! So cute. She even picked him (over Colten) to play games with her. I think it is safe to say that she has her first boyfriend ad he loves her as much as she loves him. So sweet!

Have I ever mentioned that I love this kid?

Miss Amyah had a wonderful time!

Aubrey! Can't believe that she's four already.

I love this one. They look SO deep in conversation.

Playing hide and go seek!

Mr. Carter. Isn't he a doll?

What a great daddy daughter picture!

Apparently I did not get all of the pictures from my mom so there will be another Birthday post for Aubrey. I can't leave pictures of cake, and presents out!