Friday, September 25, 2015

Party Time...

Still hard to believe this sweet girl is going to be four in a few short weeks!

Monday, September 14, 2015

Broken Arm...

Poor Miss Aubrey broke her arm pretty good on August 25th.  She was at soccer practice and standing (yes standing) on top of her soccer ball when she lost her balance and fell off. As you can see from the pictures below she really did a number. Her arm was in the S shape which is never a good thing. We started with going to her pediatrician in hopes he could splint it until morning and we could avoid the ER. No such luck for us though. The nurse brought us back and immediately went and got the doctor from another room.  He took one look and said go straight to the ER (it's never a good thing when the doctor walks you to the car). There were probably ten people in front of us and they all got bounced and she was able to go back to a room pretty quickly.
As you can see from the smile on her sweet face she was a trooper.  For the amount of pain she had to be in she did great. The nurse started some pain medicine before we headed down to X-Ray.  Everyone knew that she was going to need surgery however no one thought it would be that night!
She was in a lot of pain at this point but thankfully the nurse was able to give a second dose of meds which made her sleep while we waited for ortho.
At about 10:00 she went back into surgery and it lasted probably about an hour.  We went to a room for another couple hours and then her doctor said she could go home if we thought she would rest better there.  We were very thankful for this opportunity and walked in our door about 2:00 am.  Thankfully she had a smile on her face and was SO happy that they were going to put her to sleep before they touched her arm.  They gave her a big stuffed puppy and she was happy - willing to go with them with a smile on her face. Makes the fact that she was headed to surgery SO much easier to swallow as parents.
Here is her arm X-Rays.  They said in spots her bone was over an inch a part.  That is just CRAZY to me.

These next few are hard to see but she had three pins put in.  The surgery helped SO much with the amount of pain she was in so I was happy they could do it that same night.

She had a rough time (as you can see) with the pain meds once we got home.  She was either getting sick from the meds or bawling because she was in so much pain. We are thankful that she had an amazing team of doctors that helped get her pain meds right.
Her first food after finding the correct balance was oreos! We were thrilled she was finally eating.
By the end of Thursday she was feeling MUCH better. She was so loved by so many people, and she was finally with it enough to see all her goodies.  She also had a visit from one of her best friends, and a shower.  Both were huge in boosting her moral.
A little snapshot of everything for the blog book! :)
The following week we went back and got her splint off and a hard cast put on. She was nervous at this appointment but did wonderful. The things you see sticking out of her arm would be her pins...YUCK!

The X-Ray looked so much better than before. Everything is healing great.
Her poor little arm was bruised from top to bottom. To be expected I guess but it was so sad.  She had to sit in this position the whole time her cast was being put on.
Finally her hot pink cast! :)
We go back the 28th and will have another round of X-Rays, and hopefully get her cast off the same day.  She really has been a trooper for all that and I hope we never ever break anything in our family again!

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Three Year Old Pre-K...

The next day was Claire's first day so naturally we had to do pictures again. When she grows up she wants to be a rock star. She is still loving school and we are so grateful for that.  She goes every day from 7:30 until 2:30 which could not be more perfect for our schedule this year.

Her backpack is about as big as she is!

Love the excitement on her face.
Finally here is one of Colten's first day of school sheets. We loved his answers.

1st Day Of School...

We had some first day of school excitement for sure this year!
Colten still wants to be a baseball player, and Aubrey wants to be an artist. I hope they never lose their love for learning.  Claire wanted no part of these photos since it was not her first day. Silly girl!