Friday, November 27, 2015


What a wonderful day surrounded by wonderful people.  We are truly blessed, and this year I am thankful for all the Joy in my heart.

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Wordless Wednesday...


Basketball season is in full swing, and this guy is loving playing on a more competitive team this year.
I haven't gotten any action photos yet but that is my goal for next weekend.  So proud of how hard this guy works at things.
Of course when you are three it is hard to get up that early for games so naturally you have to take a nap at 11:00 on the way home! Thankfully she has a beyond wonderful older sister who was willing to give her a should to sleep on.

Quick Trip...

We had a quick trip to KC this week for Colten's endocrine appt and just some family fun.  We went to the basketball game Monday night, then Tuesday morning we ran to the doctor where it was reported that for the first time Colten is ABOVE the 50th percentile for both height and weight, and had grown an inch and a half since his last appointment.  After that it was a fun day around KC.

Party Time...

Can't wait to celebrate our special boys 9th birthday!


On Monday night we lost our sweet dog of almost 13 years.  He had been with Justin, and I since the very beginning and our hearts are broken.  Our house will never be the same without our ten pound little guy greeting us at the door, and begging for belly rubs.  The kids have had a wonderful attitude and keep saying between the tears that they are thankful that Jeret now has a dog in Heaven.  May you rest in peace sweet Jackie Boy.

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Football Wrap Up...

We had such a fun football season this year!
Playing with friends always makes it even more exciting!

Then we had some mis-matched cheerleaders cheering them on which was the icing on the cake!
When Colten had the ball it was always a lot more fun to cheer!
These two didn't do a whole lot of watching...they did a whole lot of playing!
Now onto basketball season!

Helping Hand...

This sweet girl had a grandma date last week.  They started by helping others in need and packing meals to be shipped over seas to the less fortunate.  Love the heart on this sweet girl.

After working for three hours she choose Qudoba for dinner.
Then a trip to Pier of her favorite places. I love this sweet girl.

Friday, November 6, 2015

K-State Game...

Had to share these because they are both just to dang cute! Makes my heart happy to see Claire with her real live baby doll.

We have been really enjoying the K-State games this season.  Miss Claire has LOVED going as well and Aubrey LOVES staying home with grandma - she has ZERO desire to attend.  I imagine this will all change in couple of years once she realizes it is more fun to play with friends than stay home. For now it t is a win for all.  
Love watching her clap, and sing along!

Was perfect to be able to watch the Cats, and the Royals at the same time all while being under a heater! Just wish the score would have