Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Monday, July 21, 2014


Last baseball post I promise!
Let's start with a couple pictures of two of my favorite girls!  
First of all - how sweet is she when she sleeps?  I guess that it's because she is my FINAL baby that I am obsessed with the sweetness when she sleeps.  Also she is SO in love with Jack.  They don't go to far from each other.  So sweet.
Then we have this princess.  She is LOVING the neighbor girls this summer.   It seems like they are always together.  I love that about our neighborhood.
Finally - It just occured to me that I never blogged about his Wamego team really.  The green bombers had a wonderful season, and wonderful memories were made.
Like here when we were on the way to a game and the kids thought we were on a roller coaster!  They rode this way all the way there pretty much!
It was SO hot so we kept the girls drinking LOTS of water.
The lead off better number six!
A sleepover with this girl is always a fun time.  Amyah and Aubrey love each other so much!

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Final Game...

I know I have posted about a 1000 times on his baseball games but when you have two adorable little ones posing like this it is hard not to!

That sweet face melts my heart!

Again so proud of all these boys!  What a season they had!

Of course I am in love of Colten's biggest fan too!

This girl came a LONG ways this season too.  Can't wait to see how she responds next season too!

Love this one as she is playing catcher and getting ready to throw the ball.  What a fun action shot!

Wamego Tournament...

Colten's Wamego team had their tournament this past weekend. It was single elimination and they won their first game but fell short in their second.  It was a great game and I could not be prouder of all these boys!  Good work this season.  It was amazing to see how much Colten grew in just a year!  So proud of all the time, and effort that he put into both teams.

 Seriously, when did he grow up?
 Oh and just because I think she is beyond adorable!  I remember at one point I thought that she was not going to be a girly girl, boy was I wrong!

Monday, July 14, 2014

Tadtman Family T-Ball...

Wow! Crazy to think about what we will do with all our free evenings now that T-Ball, and baseball are over.  We have had a CRAZY busy few months with practice, games, and life!
Justin, and Colten were able to help coach Aubrey's last few games and we had so much fun as a family.  I hope we have the time, and energy to coach her again next year.  I have a feeling that this might be my most favorite team she ever plays on.  So much fun!
Here she is getting ready to bat!
Such a tan little thing.

Love that Justin, and Colten are doing the EXACT same thing in this one.  They were the 3rd base coaches!

Miss Claire enjoyed slushies, and sun glasses during all the games this season!  Thankful that her Grandma's were around to chase her!