Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Life Lately...

WOW! Life lately has been a blur! We have been so busy with life activities. It's amazing how fast the time goes. I feel like I was just getting ready for last Thanksgiving and here we are a whole year later.  Crazy. We have enjoyed the fall with the kids. They have kept us very busy with riding lessons, gymnastics, karate, football (and now baseball), and dance.  It seems as though there is not a lot of down town but I know with out a doubt in my mind that this will all be gone in the blink of an eye! We have spent the weekends at football games, and birthday parties, and it has been so fun. Colten, and Aubrey have come to a stage where they truly do love each other, and are the best of friends. Claire is never far behind them. She is very opinionated and loves it when Colten or Aubrey are able to help her with tasks such as putting on her pajama's at night. Makes my hart so full.  We are truly blessed with three amazing kids.
Claire went to the last few football games of the season. She loved it. Aubrey was the only one who didn't make a game this year (she had ZERO desire to go).  We had a fun time at all of the games and look forward to a strong finish to the season.
Isn't Claire perfect? Look at that sweet smile.

I can not convince her to take a nap at home to save my life but take her to a football game, and she's out!  Crazy girl!

She really has LOTS of personality shinning through!
This kid is a tooth losing machine!
Sideline passes for the last game were a hit. Just wish it would have been about 60 degrees warmer!
We can not wait to spend the holiday's together surrounded by family. What a perfect time of the year. 

Party Time...

Can't believe our big guy is going to be seven in a couple of weeks!

Monday, November 11, 2013

Football Wrap Up...

Football came to an end a couple of weeks ago, and man were we all sad to see it end! I think it's mainly because this was Colten's first competitive sport. Everything leading up until now has been "just for fun" meaning they don't actually keep score and their is no technical winner.  His last game was tons of fun, and the best game that Colten had palyed all season. Needless to say we were VERY proud parents.  We are greatful for a wonderful coach this season, and a team that was competitive.  Bring on Basketball! :)

The thing that made us the proudest is the fact that Colten truly accepted his role in the games.  If his job was to sit on the sidelines, and cheer he did, if it was to play defense instead of offense he did.  He did a great job of doing what he was told, and not complaining.

Aubrey had lots of fun at every game with the other girls running around!

I think they were adorable in the huddle!

Thanks Grandma for coming to so many games to cheer him on!
I think dad may be his biggest cheerleader!
Ok maybe Aubrey was!
Team Picture
The 2013 Colts!

After the final game we headed to Purple Swirl for ice cream, and trophies!

With Coach Thad.
Colten with his cheerleader!
Oh Aubs.  I love you!

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Trick Or Treat...

First a few pictures my mom took at the school parade. What fun that was!

This one cracks me up! Is your mouth full buddy?
I think this is the ONLY picture we got of her, and her hat!

We had a great trick or treating crew! Thanks to everyone who came!

Miss Claire HAD to go in the wagon between EVERY house.  She cracks me up!

What a fun night!