Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Dance Pictures...

Can't wait to see them dance in a couple of weeks!

Monday, April 11, 2016

Baseball Tournament #1...

Colten played in his first tournament on April 2nd.  It was a LONG day but he had fun.  The wind was really cold and blew all day long so to say they were tired at the end would be an understatement.  Lucky for us it was in Manhattan however the timing between games wasn't long enough to get anything accomplished.  
The boys enjoying a few minutes of down time between games.
Colten in the on deck circle.  He did a great job.
This poor girl is always being forced to watch her siblings play something.
Hot the ball now we have to run to first.
Colten is playing catcher a lot this year, and it is fun to watch.
Hey batter batter.
Made it around to third base.
I always laugh when he asks for time.  I think he has seen a few to many K-State games.
The catcher position is beyond adorable.  Not sure you are still adorable at nine but it is pretty darn cute to me!

We get to do it all again this weekend!

Happy Birthday Aubrey...

Aubrey had a wonderful time at her swimming birthday party. It was a bit crazy so hardly any pictures were taken.  I think that is a sign of a successful day.  

Game 1...

Aubrey had her first soccer game a couple of weeks ago and they did great!  It was a windy night but it was so fun to see how far the girls have come in just a couple of years.
Claire and her friend watching the game.
Miss Aubrey waiting to go in.  Go #18!

She did great, and had fun.  She is not competitive at all but this season she is a slowly coming around and has a bigger desire to win.  So fun to see.

High five line.  This is Aubrey's favorite part!
Miss Claire was a fashion statement.


We had a wonderful Easter surrounded with by some of the people we love most!
The kids got to sleep in.  They actually came and woke Justin, and I up.  What a treat.  Had to snap a quick picture of them all laying in our bed.
They can stop growing anytime!
The found their baskets on the kitchen table.

After baskets we got ready for church, and then came back to our house for lunch.
Mr. Titus is getting so big!
Claire jumped up and down for several minutes when she found all the eggs.  It was a bit cold outside so the bunny left eggs inside.
When did she get so big?
Carter, Addison, and Amyah joined us for the hunt!

After all the eggs were found we split the candy evenly between everyone.

They all had lots of fun doing this!

Ended the day with a family photo! Can't wait to do it all again next year.