Thursday, January 22, 2015

First Reconciliation...

Colten had his first Reconciliation on January 11th.  He was so excited to take the next step in his faith journey.
On an unrelated note we had a cold weather day that same week.  I told him school was canceled and he immediately threw down his pencil and ran.  He is not a fan of homework in any way shape or form.  Hopefully that changes!
He received a few gifts from grandma before we left.

These pretty girls were excited to go.
Seriously, how blessed am I?

The man of the day. He looked so grown up in his suit.
Love these two!

They walked in SO fast but you can see here he is in the back row.
Patiently waiting.

Headed in.  What a blessed day.
His teacher Mrs. Ryan did a beyond amazing job with these kids.

Of course Grandma and our cousins came too!

We did visit Jeret before hand which made the day even more special.

Christmas with Grandpa Mike and Grandma Ginger...

Our final Christmas was with my dad and step mom.  Once again we were spoiled rotten, left stuffed, and had a wonderful time!

After all the running around the kids and the parents enjoyed a couple of days at home!  We had lots of laughs and snuggles during our long weekend!

Christmas Morning...

Christmas morning was just us to open gifts from Santa.
Claire was the first kid up and she only woke up because we made her!

Once she saw the loot she hurried in to wake up Aubrey.
Then Colten.

Love these sleepy heads.
Colten read the letter from our elf.
Jack watched all the action.
We did stockings first.

Followed by WAY to many gifts for the kids but they are only little once.

One of my favorite pictures from the day.  Love seeing it through her eyes.
I think they loved it all.