Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Titans Baseball...

Baseball season is officially under way!  I love it almost as much as Colten does I think.  He had his first two games on the 21st of April.  This season he is playing on an 8U team (this means that everyone else on the team is a year older than he is) and are so happy that we made that decision.  He did awesome in his first game both batting, and playing first.  They one that game 14-1, and then in his second game he had a three run homer! Talk about proud parents! That game we won 13 to 10 and his home run was what tied the game at 7 early on! So proud!  This weekend will be their first tournament.  GO TITANS!


Claire turned two and a half last week! It is so hard to believe. Time goes WAY to fast. 
Little miss had her checkup the other day and she was in the 26th percentile for height, and 31st for weight. She is a well rounded little girl who loves to sing and dance.
Here she is waiting to go see the doctor. 
Miss Claire is a great sleeper once she finally falls asleep.  I love to snuggle her I think it is knowing that she is our last "baby".

She loves dolls, and to lay in mommy's bed!
We also love to send silly face pictures to daddy.  When dad is out of town we call him about 87541278 times a day, and send pictures about every three minutes.  This girl LOVES her daddy and misses him "so much" when he is gone.  
She is an all around happy girl and we are so blessed to have you in our lives!

Monday, April 28, 2014


We had a wonderful Easter weekend surrounded by our amazing family.  We are so blessed for all that God has given us and Easter is a wonderful reminder of that.  The best part was that Justin had the day off.  What an amazing day!

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Weekend Recap...

Another whirl wind weekend is in the books! Phew! 
Of course it involved three baseball games, and for once we were actually able to attend all three!
Got to love the selfies that I am constantly finding on my phone!
Sweet little smile!
We also had a fun weekend of going to see Grammy, and Grampy in Topeka for Easter on Saturday. I unfortunately forgot to take pictures while there! Fail!
On Sunday we did Easter with family and I will have more on that later!
The kids did not have school Friday or Monday.
Friday they both had play dates with friends, and Monday was spent with their Grandmas and cousins.  They went to the library and had a picnic in the park.  A great long weekend for them.

Justin and I were even able to enjoy a lunch date!

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Weekend Recap...

We had another whirlwind weekend!
It started Friday with Claire, and a trip to the park.  Naturally she loved it.
Aubrey started riding lessons again last week.  The other two played with the cats while she rode.
The girl LOVES to ride, and I can not wait to see where her adventures take her!

Friday night the girls and I went and ate at Carlos after karate.  They LOVED it, so happy as I have ALWAYS loved it.
Of course no trip to the mall is complete without the rides!
Saturday morning we did not have an activity until Aubrey got her haircut at ten.  This little girl helped me get ready!
Aubrey had a haircut, and then dance pictures so we left Claire with Grandma (Colten had a sleepover the night before) and had some fun mommy daughter time.  She choose pizza hut for lunch and was amazed by the buffet!
Next stop was a birthday party at Purple Swirl.
Then time for an Easter egg hunt at Great Grandpa's house with cousins.
They all got new sunglasses!
Love these silly girls.  Had to post them all because I love the faces in each one!

Finally time for a group photo!  Not an easy task!

The day was so fun we had to be sad when it was over!

We ended the weekend with tacos and girl scout cookies, as well as being in PJ's by 3:30 Sunday afternoon. I would not have it any other way!!!