Monday, January 30, 2012

Daddy's Girl...

Aubrey has turned into a big old Daddy's girl as of late. It makes me so happy to see the love she has for Justin. I was a big Daddy's Girl growing up and I am so glad our little gal is too!

Monday, January 23, 2012

3 Months...

My sweet baby girl turned three months old this weekend (on Saturday). I still can not believe she is already three months. She has brought so much joy and happiness to our little family. I won't lie she is a LOT of work but those sweet smiles (from her and her older brother, and sister) make every part of it worth it. The big kids are head over heels for her and we could not ask for anything more from them. They ALWAYS want to help with her and Colten takes great pride in everything he is able to do for her. She truly was the missing part to our family. She doesn't go back to the doctor until next month so I don't really have a lot of stats to report. Justin did take her in for a weight check last week to see if it was time to adjust her meds and she weighted in at 13'7". Such a big girl! Claire still struggles with her Reflux. I feel so sorry for her when she is having issues you can tell she is miserable. She also has found her hands and I think she is going to be a thumb sucker like her big sister!
Saturday morning, up and ready to celebrate being three months old!

My baby girl with her sweet sister on her three month birthday...So in love with my girls, and so happy to be able to say my girls!

My sweet three month old was not all about smiling. She still struggles with reflux and I don't think she felt the best when I was trying to capture some photos of her sweet smile. Three of the four greatest things here on earth with me (the fourth would be their daddy).

We tried again last night to capture a couple didn't work either every time I got the camera out she stopped smiling from ear to ear...stinker!

He had enough smiles for him and his sister.

Just because she is to sweet not to share! I love her wrinkled nose!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Dress up fun...

Sleeping beauty, tangled, and the mean knight say hello!

Sleeping beauty, tangled, and the mean knight say hello!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Cotton Bowl...

My boys headed to the cotton bowl a couple of weekends ago and had a wonderful time. I am so happy that they had a chance to bond just the two of them. Justin didn't take many pictures (imagine that) but I thought I would post the two that he did take to honor the event. They flew out of Manhattan on Thursday and returned home Saturday morning so it was quick but from the way it sounds they had a great time. They attended the pep rally, visited the zoo, swam, and attended the game. I hope they have the chance to make many more fun memories like this as the years go on.

Wordless Wednesday...


Coco Keys...

We spent this past weekend at Coco Keys in Kansas City and are happy to report everyone had a wonderful time. We decided to forgo us buying birthday presents for Colten and Aubrey this year (they both are still having / had parties with their friends where they received a TON of gifts) and take them for a fun weekend instead. I am so happy we decided to do this. Our original plan was to go to the Great Wolfe Lodge however it did not end up working out. I will say that Coco Keys was SO much better than I had imagined. The kids were in heaven and wanted no part of leaving the water park.
Here they are having fun with daddy!

Miss Mya had lots of fun!

Carter wanted to check everything out!

My big girl LOVED the slides, and I did too!

Can you tell fun was had by all?

Look how big this guy is...CRAZY!

They loved being lazy on Sunday morning...I can't say I blame them!

Bath time for the girls! A Little dark but they loved it!

Finally time to shop!

Love my big guy.

We were a site to see.

Can't wait to do it all again soon! We had a blast!