Monday, November 29, 2010

Kansas City...

Last week Colten, Justin, and I were lucky enough to head to Kansas City to watch the Cat's play in a tournament. Other than the fact that Aubrey wasn't able to join us (not enough tickets) we had a great time (I really hate leaving one child behind). We were all excited to get back home on Tuesday night and to our surprise Miss Aubrey was still awake and greeted us with BIG hugs! Okay on to what we did. Monday we left after work and went straight to the game. The Cat's won! Always a bonus. Tuesday Colten had a follow up appointment at Children's Mercy!
After his appointment we went to Fritz's. That is ALWAYS Colten's choice, he LOVES the trains that bring the food, etc. Here he is waiting in the train for a table.

After lunch we went over to the "train park". He loved this too!
It was FREEZING outside so he was fine with not staying long!
After all the excitement with lunch and the park we headed to the mall to do some Christmas shopping. Thankfully Colten slept in the stroller (which he NEVER does) so we got LOTS done. We then went back to the hotel to meet up with everyone and headed to the game. WAY to early. We grabbed a quick dinner and then headed down to the College Basketball Experience. Colten and Justin both had lots of fun. So glad we decided to do this. Here is Colten dunking a basketball with Daddy's help.
The pass.
LOVE my boys.
Close up.
The future of KSU Basketball (If his growth shots work)!
HaHa. What a goof!
Someday he will be tall like these guys.
If the NBA doesn't work out he has a future in broadcasting.
I know not the best picture but he was so excited to see himself on the teleprompter!
After that we headed to the game. Unfortunately the Cat's came up a little short against Duke. That's okay we still love them!

Halloween Parade...

Aubrey had a Halloween Parade - Program at school a couple of weeks ago (I know I am way behind). She absolutely LOVED every minute of it and was VERY into dancing, and singing the songs. I think we may have a little actress on our hands. She made her parents very proud! I was unable to go due to work however Colten, Daddy, Grandma Karen, and Addison were all there to encourage her! Hope you enjoy the pictures. I know I did!

Here she is getting in line for the parade!

Thinking in detail about something.

Getting all ready to start the performance!

Talking to her friend. Yes I know her hair is beyond the point of being a mess!

One happy girl.

She LOVED it!

Time to be done.

Love this girl!

Colten gave her a BIG hug once she was done. I love them!

On her way back to the classroom.

I can't wait for her next performance!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Homecoming Parade...

K-State’s homecoming parade was Halloween weekend (I know I am SO slow to post some stuff), we took the kids down to the parade and everyone had a lot of fun! The kid’s loved the fact that people threw all sort of candy to them, and that they got to sit in the street. I was surprised but they really could have cared less about all the HUGE floats that were coming down the street. Maybe next year they will be into that!

Colten had his follow up appointment at Children’s Mercy yesterday. I am happy to report that the doctor’s are beyond happy with his progress. He started the growth hormone shot a little over a year ago and at this point he is exactly where they want to see him. They did do some blood work yesterday to make sure that he is not having any “unseen” issues with his liver, and to make sure that he does not have too much of the hormone in his system. All things I am extremely happy that they check throughout this process. The other thing they did was an x-ray of his wrist to make sure his bone age is where it is suppose to be. We should have all of those results back next week. Other than that we are just going to keep doing what we are doing. We upped his does due to weight gain (he is now in the 28th percentile for weight). They also said that his height is doing well and he is now in the 10th percentile for that. I am just happy that he is noticeably taller than Aubrey now. It was never fun when she was his height or taller, and we got asked if they were twins constantly!

Here he is getting measured!

Like I said we are extremely happy for the great report. One more thing to be thankful for this Thanksgiving! I am feeling SO sorry for all the families stuck in Children’s Mercy this holiday season. May God bless them all!

Wordless Wednesday...

Monday, November 22, 2010

Mr Stinky Feet...

Grandma Karen, and Grandma Donna were nice enough to take the kids to Mr.Stinky Feet this weekend. Needless to say the kids had a wonderful time and are asking when they get to go again!
Trying to get a good picture before they left... Attempt number two...
The best picture of the three of them! I know for being the best it isn't very good!
Trying to get Colten, and Aubrey!
Love her face in this one!
Such a happy boy, and SO excited to be there!
The interactive part.
Bricen on stage.
Colten on stage.
Did I mention he was excited?
Thanks to the Grandma's for taking them.

Friday, November 19, 2010


Well we are yet again at the end of a crazy week! We have had something every night this week and I am excited to have the weekend together as a family, and am going to attempt to keep it low key. We will see how that works out. Next week is going to be another crazy week so it would be nice if we could all get some rest before we start that! I thought I would share some random pictures from the week. Enjoy...

Aubrey decided at breakfast that stacking the jelly was much more fun than eating it!

Colten decided that he would take a half way normal picture with me!

At the basketball game we tried for some more pictures, unfortunately he is very into taking the pictures himself!

Finally just because I think they are to cute, and I never shared this a picture of Aubrey, and Gabby at the last football game!

Have a great weekend!