Monday, January 31, 2011

Snow Day...

The kids have had SEVERAL days off school, and activities recently due to winter weather (I am very jealous) and they have been making the most of them. They have had LOTS of time to play with cousin Bricen which is always the best for both of them. Here are a few pictures of the snow day fun!
Isn't he sweet?

Playing outside. BRRR!

Don't know what he's looking at but he's focused.

Forget the sleds they are just going to roll on down the hill.

Miss Mya took a bath on her snow day.

Different day, and they STILL want to play outside.

He is fine with the cold!

They really do love each other.

Snow days are the best in their opinion!

I also thought I would share that I recently turned the blog into a book and am SO happy that I did. It is very cute and the 2010 one is 400 pages. CRAZY!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Karate Kid...

Okay now that I am done freaking out over the fact that my kids are WAY to big, I will go on with the post that I sat down to do.
Colten started karate! He LOVES it and I really am glad he is enjoying it so much. I wasn't sure when we signed him up but to see that look on his face, is wonderful. He goes two nights a week. He was quick to make friends, and really gets into what the teacher is trying to make them do. The one thing that makes me laugh is when we get home the SECOND he is in the door he is ready to change his clothes. I ask him why he wants to change so fast and his answer is that his outfit is only for karate. What a great boy!
Here he is getting ready for class to start. I told him to smile but he said he had to do a Karate stance! Goof!

Take two. I love the look he is giving me!

Sitting with his friends waiting for class to start.

During class. I was afraid to take to many pictures....I didn't want to get in trouble. Those instructors are scary!

Growing Up...

Well it's official my children are growing up WAY to fast. It breaks my heart. Really it does. I want them to grow, explore, and learn new things but at the same time I want them to need me forever! I want them to want to spend every waking moment with their mama! To scream and cry when I drop them off at Grandma's or school. They don't do ANY of these things any more. I realize that them growing up is a part of life but at the same time why do they have to do it so dang fast. I have a FOUR year old and a little girl who is going to be THREE in about a month! It is absolutely crazy to me. Why does time have to go so stinking fast. I want these two to stay little forever and ever! I guess that's what I get for having them so close in age. I'm glad that they are at this point but at the same time I wish I could freeze time. Seriously how can they be in karate, gymnastics, dance, and school? Aubrey should MAYBE be a month old!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Wordless Wednesday

New York...Plane Home

Naturally I had to take some pictures of the kids on the plane home! I should have done it on the way there but we were all scattered about in the plane from Manhattan to Chicago and then if you remember we ended up driving form Chicago to New York so the pictures didn't happen!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

New York...The Pier..

While in New York we also visited The Pier. It was really cute and the kids LOVED the big boats parked at it. I still am not over the fact that there is water SO close to huge buildings. It was really neat to see.
To get to the pier we had to walk through wall street!
I wanted Justin to buy me something from Tiffany's but he said no!

Wall Street

The Brooklyn Bridge. Very neat.

Like I said I can not believe how close to the water they have built. It is CRAZY to me!

SO many birds!

Checking out a boat.

Aubrey was tired and just wanted to sit in the stroller. Fine by me!

They had lots of cute little shops. SO fun.

What a great experience for everyone!

Friday, January 21, 2011

Misc. New York...

As I mentioned before we had limited time in New York therefore we did not get to spend as much time at some of the sites as we would have liked. It was also hard because of the snow and slush it was impossible to push a stroller and we had a couple sets of little legs that got worn out (we also had some parents that got worn out from carrying children). Anyways here are a few of the places that we had limited time at. I'm still glad that we were able to see these sites and can not wait for the day when we get to see them in some more detail.
Ground sad to see. I can not even begin to imagine what it would have been like on 9/11.

The statue of liberty...REALLY wish we would have been able to get closer to this.

Such a pretty place at night. I loved all the lights.

The Empire State Building. It was Purple, and Orange in honor of the game.
Like I said before it is hard for little legs to do that much walking! We had two tired kids at the end of the day!

Yankee Stadium...

Of course our whole reason for visiting New York was to watch the Cat's play in the Pinstripe Bowl. It was a great experience. I mean really how many people can say they have watched a football game at Yankee Stadium? The Cat's came up a little short but it was an experience we will never forget!
I could not believe how close the stadium was to the subway...CRAZINESS!

Yankee Stadium.

Colten, and Justin outside Yankee Stadium. We are going to have to go back some day when Colten is old enough to appreciate it.

Family photo. The kids were both tired and GRUMPY at this point. Great photo huh?

Take two wasn't much better (but you can't not take a photo outside Yankee Stadium).

The dug out.

Colten! What a goof!

Go Cat's!

Getting ready for the game to start. Thank goodness we had a spot inside to go and warm up!

Bring on the Cat's!

Love him, but still do not understand why he has no coat on.

Grandpa with his boys watching a game at Yankee Stadium.

Colten was more interested in his ipod than the game.

After Missy woke up from her nap...yes that is ketchup all over her face.

Pinstripe Bowl.