Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Friday, June 19, 2015

Our Cleaner...

This girl LOVES to clean, and I have to say I love that quality about her.  She likes it so much that in the mornings she asks what needs to be done that day.  From washing the windows, to sweeping the garage she loves it all. I for one am hoping that this quality continues in her teenage years so she can help me continue to clean up after her brother, and sister!

Happy Birthday Amyah...

We had a wonderful time celebrating Amyah's fifth birthday last weekend. Hard to believe she is off to kindergarten this fall!  She picked the Discover Center for her party.  It was lots of fun.

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Horse Crazy Camp...

Aubrey had Horse camp last week and loved every second of it.  She enjoyed games, riding, and learning LOTS about horses.  She is THRILLED to have been able to do it and can not wait to do it again next year!

Family Date Night...

We had a wonderful family date night last Saturday.  We started with dinner at a new restaurant followed by a Trip to Dicks, where naturally we had to get into the tent!
Then it was off to putt-putt.  The kids showed us they were excited by giving us two thumbs up!
Naturally Claire "won"!  Silly girl!

Colten has been taking golf lessons and his game is really improving!
Aubrey is the same way! She loved every second.  Colten won the back nine, and Aubrey won the front nine.  Worked perfectly!  Now if we could just get them to slow down.
Then we have the biggest kid!

After putt-putt we had to head over and feed the ducks. 
 Perfect night!

Basketball Camp...

Colten had a wonderful time last week at basketball camp.  They came home exhausted but happy!  They are fortunate to have had so many of their friends participate too.