Monday, September 30, 2013


Aubrey participated in her second pageant this past weekend and won the tot division.  She had so much fun and I think everyone had fun watching her!
Here she is in her interview attire! Isn't she adorable? Such a little model for sure.
Her casual wear piece! 
Finally her formal wear!  She was so excited, and her mama was too!  I think she's a natural!
I love that she has something that she loves to do!  She is such a special girl and being in the spotlight is truly one of her favorite things!

Firefighter Claire...

First the beloved Daycare dog passed away last week.  Claire is still confused on where Barley is at every morning, and it breaks my heart. Here she is with him.

 Ok, on to the cuteness.  Claire has been wearing her fire hat EVERYWHERE the past week, and I think it is adorable. What makes it even better is the fact that Aubrey is the ONLY one allowed to put it on her. She loves her big sister so much and it makes me so happy!

On a side note the car was not moving.  Claire was just sitting in Aubrey's chair before we got out!   Please do not turn me into SRS!

Race Day...

Colten ran in his first half mile race this past weekend. He did AMAZING!  We could not have been prouder of our big boy (side note...we asked Aubrey if she wanted to rain and her response was absolutely not oh the difference between children).  He finished fourth out of 63 with a time of 3 minutes and 27 seconds.  That is way faster than anything I could ever run! 
We are so proud!


Football season is in full swing and we would not have it any other way! This is Colten's first year playing and so far he is loving it! To my surprise the team is made up of both first and second graders, a huge difference in maturity is present but he is loving it all the same.
Miss Aubrey, and Miss Claire think it is more fun to run around then it is to watch Colten play!

 Don't they all look so little out there? I only took pictures with my phone, and am waiting for Grandma to get me the ones she took with her camera!

He is able to play a lot of running back! He has even scored a touchdown! 

 Happy to have won game two!

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Weekend Recap...

We had a WONDERFUL low key weekend. I think it was needed for all of us! Some time at home did us all good.
Backing up a bit...on Wednesday night Colten had his first football game! They won by one point, and he was THRILLED.
Friday after school Aubrey had another ridding lesson. Once again she did wonderful!  This time she rode Dallas instead of Zip. When she told me all about it she said that she's in trouble because now she has two horses that are going to fight over her!  Silly girl.
Claire enjoyed watching Colten out at karate while mom and dad enjoyed date night at the K!
We made a last minute decision to sneak in one more game before the end of the season. We had a wonderful time!
To make the night even better the Royals won!
The kids enjoyed a sleepover with Grandma.  Since Justin and I did not get home until 1:00am we slept in, and then meet the kids at the mall for lunch.  Of course they made a detour at the park, and in the words of Aubrey "it was our lucky day". They had something going on so there were pony rides, and bounce houses! What a fun time they had with grandma.

Even Claire rode the pony!  She looks so big!

Of course any time you are at the park you have to play! Even if there are ponies, and bounce houses!

After lunch the kids enjoyed a tornado with dad, and some rides in the cars!

Aren't they sweet?  I love their facial expressions in these!

Other than football, and baseball practice with Colten this is exactly how the rest of the weekend was spent, and we wouldn't have ti any other way!