Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Monday, July 24, 2017


Aubrey spent a week in Wichita this summer.  She was a VERY busy girl the entire time she was there!

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Tuesday, July 18, 2017


WOW! Still on a high from last weekend and it has almost been an entire week. Colten's team the Manhattan Aggies were 10UAA State Champs! What an accomplishment.  Last year we walked out of the state tournament with Colten in our arms bawling because he thought he cost his team the game (they other team won on a wild pitch and he was the catcher - it was not his fault).  I truly love when things come full circle and they certainly did last weekend.
They played seven games in three days.  Before the tournament they had won 17 consecutive games.  No easy feat at ten years old. In bracket play they went 1 and 1 putting them at the 18 seed for the tournament.  These kids were down to their final out MULTIPLE times and kept fighting.  To see everyone come through and have the a big play or a big hit was amazing to watch.  Makes you love the game even more!  Colten's big moment was on Saturday.  They were down two runs to the number one seed in the tournament and Colten smoked a ball down the first base line driving in two runs there was two outs in the inning so it was now or never! They hung on in the bottom half of the inning to advance to play on Sunday!  Sunday was another long day.  They won the first game convincingly but the second game of the day they were down by three runs at what should have been their final out and somehow they found a way to come back and tie it.  We won in extra innings that day! The final game of the day was an easy win.  You just knew when they came back in the second game of the day that they were going to win the whole thing.  STILL so proud of these boys.  At the same time I can not help but wish I had two playing.  I know his brother was there by his side cheering him on but can't help but miss him on days as fun as this one was!