Friday, July 26, 2013


I officially survived eight LONG days with out my two big kidos!  They were fortunate to go to Colorado with Grandma Karen, Grandma Donna, and Uncle Brett.  They both had a GREAT time, and were spoiled rotten.  
Bricen and Colten ready to leave early Saturday morning.
The girls were ready too!
They stopped for a picnic.
They finally made it to Colorado!

Naturally they had to do LOTS of swimming.

They also visited the Aquarium and saw both scuba divers, and mermaids! 
The North Pole (Santa Clause Land) was also a hit!
Their was also lots of exploring!
Lots of fun was had in the hotel as well!
Any time you are in Colorado a meal at Casa Bonita is required!
Of course their are millions of random pictures from the trip!

Home Sweet Home!