Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Moving On Up...

Colten had a follow up appointment yesterday with his endocrine doctor. I always have to fight back emotions at these appointments but yesterday was even worse. These are always the appointments where I can not help but think I should be bringing two in. It NEVER fails we ALWAYS see a set of twins at them, and the doctor ALWAYS mentions something about him being a twin. Unfortunately we do not get to see the same doctor every time so we get to explain the situation every time. It always breaks my heart. Poor Colten. He always looks at me like I am losing my mind. I think I might be. He is the sweetest thing ever and tries to comfort me when I know he is scared to death of the blood work, etc. he thinks is getting ready to happen. I love that little man so much!

Okay enough with the pity party onto the important stuff!

The doctor said he’s doing awesome. She wants us to try shots every day for a while (we normally skip Friday nights but Saturday's he is usually a MESS and a giant grump) she said that his body may not be able to handle the hormone missing for a day. She thinks his blood sugar is probably dropping low on the days we skip shots and his body isn’t regulating. She said if I don’t notice a difference I can go back to six days a week! I hope it helps. She said he’s in the 25th percentile (up from the 3rd) in height, and the 25th percentile (up from the 10th) in weight. The doctor also said if she had to guess today she thinks he’s going to be 5’9” which is higher than the 5’2” they said he’d be if we did nothing. It makes me so glad we decided to go ahead with the shots! I know that we don't only do them for the height (he would be missing the hormone all together if we did nothing) but to me that is a big deal. I want him to have EVERY advantage in this world that he can get. As long as he doesn't mind the actual shot I am all for this. I'm so thankful that there is something that can be done to help him. He goes back in September for a follow up, and I expect him to stay on the same curve he's on currently. We are so blessed to have had a 2pound 15ounce baby I wouldn't trade for anything in the world! I am so proud with how hard he fought for his life and I know there are great things in store for him!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Going To The Chapel...

A few weeks ago my dad was married! It was a lovely evening with just family, and everyone really seemed to enjoy themselves. The kids even behaved through the entire ceremony! What an added bonus. We are so glad that Grandpa Mike, and Grandma Ginger are so happy together, and are ecstatic for them to move back to town!
Here we all are during the wedding. They chose to have everyone stand up with them which was very special.

Again during the ceremony. The kids did well at standing still.

Dad, and Ginger.

Group photo. I'm impressed it's hard to get four little kids to hold still for SEVERAL pictures!

With the grandkids. Don't you LOVE Colten's little blazer?

They didn't want to watch them kiss!

Grandpa, and Grandma again.

Uncle Brett with his pretty niece's, and handome nephews!

Love this one, except the kids look WAY to big!

The kids were very excited about opening the present.

Like I said it was a great day full of great memories. WE are so happy for the two of them!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Aubrey's Birthday From Grandma Donna...

I know that I have posted a million pictures from Aubrey's birthday party but I decided I needed to go ahead and post the one's grandma Donna took too. She only turns three once and I need all the documentation I get that she had a great time, then maybe some day when she is a teenager and mad at me I can show her that at one point in her life she had the best parents ever!
I love the look on her face in this one. She is so sweet.

Again...I love her facial expression. She wrinkles her little nose like that all the time. It's one of my favorite faces she makes!

Finally just a smile.

Oh man. I love that little man. He had LOTS of fun at her birthday party.

I love little Adds. I still can't believe she is almost 18 months already!

The bars are one of her favorite things at gymnastics.

Again with the face. I swear she is always adorable.

With Auntie Whit.

She LOVES her juice boxes!

Blowing out her candles!

Poor girl is ALREADY asking when her next birthday party is. Just another reason I love her SO much!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Bat Boy...

It's official! The Cat's have the CUTEST bat boy ever. Colten is the bat boy for the team this season and LOVES it. He has only made it through one whole game so far but that is mostly mine, and Justin's fault. It has been so dang cold out that I don't want him out there the whole time. We haven't let him do it every game either which again is mainly my fault. Most of the time it is to stressful to get him up there before the game starts. I'm sure he will do it a lot more as the season progresses. Here are a few pictures for the first game. Don't worry there will be MANY more to come!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Wordless Wednesday (with a few words)...

In honor of Wordless Wednesday I thought I would share a few more pictures from my birthday / my brother's birthday party (yes we were born on the same day). The kids are to cute not to share pictures of!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Bedtime Stories...

Well part of our bedtime routine every night is reading 845128745 books. It is usually Justin's job, and one of my favorite times of the day. I love that the kids snuggle up next to him, and that he has their undivided attention. It is so sweet. Aubrey loves her daddy...especially when he reads to her!

Love them all SO much!

Occasionally daddy has to stop reading to check the score of the game!

But he always finds his way back to the book!

Have I mentioned I love these people SO much?

Monday, March 14, 2011

Karate Tournament...

Colten had his first karate tournament this weekend, and he did an awesome job. I can not believe that my little man is so big, and able to participate in stuff like this. Colten won his first speed kicking match, and lost his second (of course I am his mom and have to explain why he lost his second) because he had to race a ten year old. So unfair! Oh well. Justin keeps reminding me that they should be at the same skill level but a ten year old HAS to have better balance than a four year old. After speed kicking he broke a real bored (on his first try). I was beyond proud of him.
Here I am with Colt before his tournament.

Colten, and Bricen.

He makes me laugh. He is SO serious. Look how much bigger the other kids are!

Waiting his turn.

His face in this one makes me laugh!

During a speed kicking match! I have video that you can see his face on that I hope to get uploaded soon!

After he broke his bored...again there is MUCH better video.

Getting his medal!

After...wish the bright sun wasn't ruining the picture but there was SO many people I couldn't get a better angle.
With Bricen after! I promise despite the look on their faces they had LOTS of fun.