Monday, December 29, 2014

8th Birthday Party...

Colten had a wonderful birthday party at the K-State rec this year.  He was lucky to have several friends from school attend.  We have learned along the way that you have to do his party the first weekend in December or no one is able to make it!  This year he did the climbing wall which was a hit!

Colten made it to the top but I think he was more interested in playing with friends than climbing.

Bricen made it to the top with Aubrey.

These two girls were SO proud they made it to the VERY top.
These two were not tall enough to climb but still had a great time.
My favorite eight year old.  Still can not believe he is eight.
Grandma and Grandpa did a good job of entertaining the girls.

After climbing they ran wild on the basketball courts.

Then it was time for cake, and presents.

Finally to finish we played some heads up seven up!
So glad he had SO much fun!

Holiday Dance Clinic...

Aubrey participated
 in the Holiday Dance Clinic again this year and did an amazing job.  She has come SO far in just a few short years and we can not help but be so proud!  
Here she is before the big show!

Colten found a friend to sit with! Naturally that was better than sitting with mom, and dad.
Claire decided she needed treats to keep her happy while she waited.
As an added bonus Addison participated too this year.

She LOVED that she got to stand with the teacher.

They dance to Holly Jolly Christmas.
Like I said she did wonderful!

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Art Show...

Aubrey and her artistic ability has never been a secret.  She loves art and is really pretty good.  Needless to say I got an email from her art teacher at the beginning of December to say that she has been selected to have art on display at a local coffee house.  She is thrilled and I love the picture she did.  So proud of her.