Thursday, April 28, 2011

Colten's Graduation...

Well my four year old perfect baby boy had a preschool graduation program on Tuesday night. I know I shouldn't but as I sat there and watched him wave to me from the stage I couldn't help but let my mind wonder off to other places thinking about how I should have two up there. Things like this are always hard and bitter sweet. I want to be so positive for Colten but part of us is missing. I know that I shouldn't think like that as we have been blessed with so very much and God is continuing to bless us with what we hope and pray is a healthy baby. However on nights like this I can't help but want more. I know there are so many people out there who struggle to even have one and I need to stop my pity party but it's harder still than I ever imagined it would be. Colten is such a sweet compassionate little guy and I can't help but wonder if his brother would be the same way. If he would have the same contagious laugh, the same way of getting out of trouble by saying "but I just love you so much mom" (yes he calls me mom now not mommy...that is a whole nother set of tears). I can't help but wonder who he would be now. What would he become. However that is not going to make things better. I'm sure a lot of my emotions are pregnancy related but GOSH! This is tough. I always thought it would be better as he got older but some how it seems worse. I miss him more as I feel we were cheated out of so much. Okay enough on that. My precious Hubba Bubba graduated from preschool (well sort of because he's still not old enough for kindergarten)! I was one proud mama and he did an amazing job of performing the other night. Oh how I want him to stay little and sweet forever!
Here he is getting ready to go in to his graduation celebration. Gosh he is perfect!

Of course his sister was their to support him. She was upset because it was not her graduation day (that is tonight).

They have SO much love for each other. They truly are best friends.

Playing tag in the gym!

He waved to his mama from the stage. I love him SO much!

I don't think he's signing like he's suppose to be!

There that's better!

Going down to get his certificate! I am so happy but still can not believe he is this big already! Time goes WAY to fast!

Coming to sit with us!

He was pretty proud of himself and he should be! He did a great job.

Now we have the not so easy task of convincing him he doesn't get to go to kindergarten! He told me the other day he was to smart for preschool. I think he may be right!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011


We were blessed Sunday with another perfect Easter. We started the day at Mass and ended the day at home loving on two perfect children. Easter always makes me stop and think about how much we truly have been given. I feel extremely blessed this Easter and pray next Easter will be just as wonderful with a new baby to love on!

After church we headed to lunch, and an Easter egg hunt. The kids were VERY excited an did not have time to stop and take a picture...imagine that.

Here they are with Adds.

Colten and Aubrey. They are the best!

I love the looks on their faces. So sweet!

Our attempt at a family picture...I do believe we failed and did not get a good one.

Take two through 22 were not any better!

Colten was ready to hunt eggs!

Aubs was just as excited!

The first one to find one!

She had a full basket as well!

He found them EVERYWHERE! That Easter bunny was good to him!

So sweet. They had to make sure there weren't any eggs outside.

Now time to see what gifts were left for them!

Aubrey LOVED her snow white barbie.

After lunch we headed outside for some bubble fun. We all had a wonderful day with family and Colten is already asking when the Easter bunny is coming back.

I LOVE this picture of him. What a sweet boy.

Wordless Wednesday...

Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter #1...

We had our first Easter celebration a week ago Saturday with my mom's family and it was a lot of fun. The kids enjoyed a picnic outside, and an egg hunt. It was gorgeous outside so that made the day even better!
Aubrey and Addison before the Egg hunt! Aubrey's hair is FINALLY getting thicker and growing! There is hope!

Miss Addison and I! My kids were WAY to busy to take pictures with me.
Getting fitted for their bunny hats! Aren't they precious?

Not sure what captured his attention but something has it for sure!
All the kids patiently waiting to go hunt eggs!
Aubrey and Owen getting ready to go outside.
And the race begins!

Colten was SO excited as soon as he found one!
Aubrey was thrilled as well!
He found the "Golden" egg and was proud of himself.
Aubrey was all girl and would only pick up pink or purple eggs!
It didn't take long for Addison to get the hang of things.

He looks SO proud of himself in this one!

Bricen didn't need much help! He knew what to do!
Look at that sweet face. Seriously there is nothing better than being a mom!
The kids going through the loot together!
After the egg hunt their was an intense game of tag.
We also climed some trees!
Again look at that face!
We had another wonderful Easter celebration yesterday with Justin's family. More on that to come!