Monday, December 31, 2012

Christmas #2...

Christmas number two was spent at our house with my dad, and his wife, and then we headed to Topeka to spend some time at my Grandma's. It was a lot of fun but I did not get a whole lot of pictures in, and I do not know how my husband is so good at avoiding photo's. He does it often!
My dad with his girls, and grand kids!
Love them all!
My sister and I were so excited to get trash bags for our cars...seriously what a great gift!
Grammy, and Grampy with a few of their great grandkids.  Claire wanted nothing to do with having her picture taken!
Aubrey, and Ava. 
This one is out of order but I'm lazy!  Grandpa Mike, and Grandma Ginger with all their grandkids (except Devin).
What a great day!

Christmas #1...

Christmas number one was spent in Bern Kansas on the 23rd. We had a lot of fun playing with my mom's side of the family! So crazy how much things change in a year so needless to say it is always good to see everyone!
Aubrey with Great Grandpa.
Claire, and Amyah.
Time to eat!
Love those girls.
Aubrey with Oliver.  Look at that sweet smile.
They had so much fun.
Claire LOVED opening everything this year.
He thought Claire needed a hat.
Uncle Brett, and Claire.
All the little Cousins.  Plus the mama's that had to hold babies.

Colten's Party in KC...

For Colten's real birthday we headed to Kansas City for a fun filled day. We stopped at Jumping Jax (which was so fun), and then headed to Build A Bear, followed by PF Chang's, and then the basketball game at the Sprint Center. The kids decided to stay at the hotel with Grandma during the game which was nice for Justin and I. It was a wonderful day, and I am so glad we got to spend it with our six year old.

Friday, December 28, 2012

Happy 6th Birthday Colten...

Last Saturday (I know I am almost a week late) my sweet baby boy turned 6 years old!  I can not believe how fast the last six years have gone.  I can not help but get emotional every time Colten has a birthday.  He has come SO far in his six years and I am so greatful that he fought SO hard those first few weeks of life.  It's amazing to me. So Colten on your sixth birthday I hope you know how loved, and appreciated you are.  I hope you know that your parents will do anything for you, and that we will always be your biggest cheerleaders.  You bring so much joy to our lives and I am forever greatful.  Happy birthday buddy!

Red-Black Belt Testing...

Colen received his Red Black belt at testing on the 17th! We are so proud of him. Like always he did an amazing job and made both of his parents extremly proud. We were suppose to go to a Christmas party after testing but were to excited to leave him. This is a big step as what this belt implies is that he is now recomended to test for his black belt in February! I know he will do an amazing job and soar through that testing with flying colors too! So proud of you Colten.
After testing with his new belt!
Drew, and Colten after testing.
Colten took the weapons class last week and loved it!
What six year old doens't like playing with swords!

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Colten's Christmas Program...

Just like his sister Colten did a wonderful job at his Christmas program. He was very animated and into what he was doing. I love that he puts so much passion into everything he does!
He's in the top row!