Friday, May 31, 2013

KU Sweap...

We have had SO much fun following the KSU baseball team this season.  This time of year we do not have a lot of time at home with Justin so when he is close we usually tag along.  We decided to go to KC and shop before the Saturday game (we had karate Friday night so we missed that game), and then head over to cheer them on Saturday.  After getting the win on Friday night, Saturday looked like a lost cause.  However the Cats came back and won!  It was such a fun game for Colten, Grandma Karen, and I.  We were spoiled had Grandma Donna taking care of Claire, and Aubrey at the hotel.  What a perfect weekend!

Big 12 Champs...

The K-State baseball team was crowned Big 12 Champs a couple of weeks ago, and let me tell you how much fun we had that night!  WOW!  It was great.  The kids loved every second, and I am pretty sure Justin and I did too!  What a neat experience, and I am SO happy for the players, coaches, and of course my husband.  So neat when hard work pays off.  Now to win this weekend!
Here we are after the game!  

This picture cracks me up!  Love it!
Willie came into the suite on Sunday.  Naturally the kids loved him (except Claire she was just terrified).
While Willie was in there the Wabash came on, and he stayed and did the whole thing with the kids!

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Last Day of School...

Hard to believe that school is out for the summer!  Crazy how fast a year can go.  So to mark the last day of school (technically it is tomorrow but we are going to OKC later today) I took the mandatory last day of school photos.  Never mind the fact that we were running LATE and the sun is covering Colten!  I am still glad I did it!

And here they are on the first day of school.  What a difference a year makes!


Friday, May 17, 2013

Field Day...

Colten had his very first Field Day on Thursday, and naturally he loved it.  He was on the Notre Dame team, and his color was green.  His competitive side came out for sure but that is no surprise   When we asked him how it was he said he wished they could just play games all day every day!
This is what I got when I asked if I could take his picture!
And here he is cheering on his team mates!
Good job Bud!

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Happy Birthday Justin...

Happy Birthday to the most amazing guy in the world!  We are so lucky to have you in our lives!

End Of The Year Concert...

Colten had his end of the school year music program last week, and did an amazing job.  I was an emotional mess as I set and watched my baby boy sign his heart out.  What a wonderful job I have to be his mom.  Tuesday night I think I was more grateful than I ever have been for my kids.  They make Justin and I proud EVERY day.  
Here is the big guy before the concert.  He looks SO grown up!
 He did a wonderful job.  Despite the flash I LOVE the look on his face in this one!

Good job buddy!  On to first grade!

Tuesday, May 14, 2013


Aubrey had her dance recital back on May 5th.  She did a WONDERFUL job and I was so proud to be her mama (like always).  They danced to lollipop and were adorable.  So sweet.  The photo's again are in a weird order but oh well.  Most of them are from dress rehearsal but a few at the end are from her actual recital.  Good job babe.  Your parents are proud of you.
Practicing on the BIG stage!

This one is so sweet.  I love the look on her face.
Of course she received flowers after the show.

Then we had to celebrate with ice cream!

With mom, and Grandma during Dress Rehearsal.

She got flowers from Daddy the day before since he couldn't make it!

On a unrelated note their Seat Pets FINALLY came.  They earned them by doing chores, listening, and behaving at home.  They took a LONG time to earn.
And finally just because I think the pictures are cute!  Colten, and Uncle Brett, and Miss Claire!

Again sorry about the random order.  Maybe I will figure out how to fix it at some point - either that or I will stop being lazy and just fix it from the beginning!