Monday, November 24, 2014


We had a fun filled Halloween!
It started off at the kids school parties.  We love them and are so glad that they still get to participate.  They begin with a parade through the entire school.  The kids LOVE it and it is for sure their favorite day at school of the year.
Here is Miss Aubrey waiting for the parade to start.

They go through EVERY classroom and then take a walk around the block.

Once back inside they go to the classrooms they missed the first time.  Such a fun tradition.

After the parade it was time for the class party!

After school I managed to sneak a picture of them together.

From there we went home and waited for cousins to come over and trick or treat!

How cute is my little witch?

Group photos are always fun!

Claire and Carter decided that riding in the wagon and having candy brought to you is much better than getting out and getting it yourself.

Love these two boys!

Once it got dark it got COLD fast.  The babies went home with grandpa while the big ones did a few more houses.

It didn't take long for them to ask to go home too though!

Tuesday, November 18, 2014


Still can't believe plans for his 8th birthday party are being made!

Monday, November 10, 2014

Birthday Party...

Claire had her party this year at the zoo.  It was a beautiful day out and we were so glad.  Our birthday girl was VERY grumpy but other than that it was perfect.  She really doesn't like attention on her so I think that was part of her problem.
Dad tried to show her it was fun to take a picture with your sign.  
She wanted no part so we settled on a picture of her and I.
The snake with Claire.
We made a treat for the chimps and Claire LOVED this part.
We also read a story!

She had a VERY fun cake.

This girl is growing up WAY to fast.

We got to go and visit all of the animals they use for education. It was very neat.

Finally we got to take our treats to the chimps!

Then back to the room for cake, and gifts!

What a fun day!  Still can not believe my baby is three!