Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Happy Birthday Bricen...

Bricen celebrated his 7th birthday last weekend. I can hardly believe that he is already seven! Thanks for letting us celebrate with you big boy. We had so much fun at your party!

Monday, July 30, 2012

Amyah's Birthday...

Amyah celebrated her second birthday a couple weeks months ago and naturally we celebrated with her at the Splash Park. The kids had a ball! Happy birthday pretty girl!

Sweet Summer Time...

I LOVE summer time. We have gone to the pool just about everyday (OK so maybe not me but the kids have) and they are both fish in the water. I am so impressed with their skills, and how much they have improved since last summer. Colten is now going off the diving board and is all over the pool without assistance. Aubrey is gaining more and more confidence every day. I need to get them both in some swimming lessons before it is to late! They love it!
Bricen LOVES the pool too!
Love my little lady in her pink hat.  Look at that smile!
Aubrey is perfect!  Look at that tan.
Mrs.Amyah is a fish too.
Seriously isn't she the best? Or at least one of the best!
Queen of the tubes.
So now I'm wish that summer never had to come to an end!

T-Ball (Finally)...

Colten finished his first season of Coach Pitch T-Ball clear back on the 30th of June. I know I am mother of the year for not documenting until now. He had SO much fun playing T-Ball, and it is by far his favorite sport. He really excelled on the field and made his daddy proud. He was by far one of the best listener's on the team, and was very dedicated to making sure that he did everything correctly. Most of the time Colten hit the ball with out using the T. His favorite position to play was pitcher although he did enjoy short stop as well. Colt is already asking when next summer is going to be here so he can play again. Good job big boy! We are so proud of you!
Getting ready for the game.  Daddy (behind him) was a coach!
He was VERY serious.
Part of his cheering section (thanks Grandma Donna for taking pictures).
Hitting the ball without the T.
Ready to field the ball.
Here it comes!
Got it!
The rest of the cheering section!

9 Months...

Miss Claire had her nine month check last week. Needless to say she is thriving. I am very happy to report that she had zero shots which is ALWAYS next better for mom. Next appointment will not be so fun with several shots, and a blood draw. I can't believe my baby turned nine months ALREADY! Time goes way to fast. I had a little melt down last night when I was watching her sleep. With her being my last baby it is so bitter sweet that she is getting so big. At nine months old she is done with both baby food, and the bottle. She does enjoy puffs, and the yogurt melts. She waves hi, and bye, and has all of her vowel sounds mastered. She also loves to clap, and be clapped for. She is REALLY close to crawling but has not done it yet. Her brother and sister always bring her everything she wants or needs so I don't think she sees the point, and I am fine with it because I ALWAYS know where she's at in the house. At her check up she was 27 inches long which is the 28th percentile, she weighted exactly 19 pounds which is the 52nd percentile, and her head was 45.5cm so that's the 75th percent. If you ask me she is just perfect! We were in Branson on the 21st so the picture I took of her on her actual nine month birthday are not with me so these will have to do for now!
Of coure her big brother and sister were with us at her appointment.  We left from there to enroll my babies in kindergarten, and pre-k.  Crazy I know!

Friday, July 27, 2012


Justin and I took the kids to the rodeo last night and had a wonderful time. It was a crazy busy night but fun. The kids participated in the calf chase.  Neither one of them were able to grab a ribbon and we left the even in tears (Colten got stepped on by a calf (in the back), and Aubrey was upset because she didn't win a medal)but after all was said and done they had fun.  We are headed back tonight to hit up the fair side of things.  Wish us luck!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012


Look who has a couple of teeth breaking through! Still can not believe my baby is growing up so fast!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Poor Claire...

Our sweet girl has not been feeling very well the past couple of days. It always breaks my heart to see my kids sick. We have had several LONG nights but it is worth every second.
Last night we were feeling well enough after a two hour trip to the doctor to blow kisses!  We received some anti-biotic and seem to be on the mend!

I think she looks MUCH better at breakfast this morning!

Wordless Wednesday...


Just wanted to post a couple of quick pictures of Colten, and Claire with Justin's grandma.  We went to dinner with her the other night and even though she is not in the best health or shape I just love that she adores my children.  She spent the whole evening watching them all and it made my heart happy. 

Monday, July 16, 2012

Round Two Of Soccer...

We started the second round of summer soccer on the 10th. This time I was smart and decided to just sign Colten up since Aubrey hated it last time. Colten still loves it and as an added bonus Cousin Bricen is there at the same time as him. He has done an excellent job of improving his skills this summer. He is a little ticked that he is in the class with the four year old (he has been calling the younger kids babies) instead of the class with the six year old. It runs through the end of July and I have a feeling when it is over he will be anxious to get into another sporting activity of some kind. The kid is SO competitive and who am I to say no? At least he isn't constantly begging me to play video games or something!
Here he is practicing his drills!
Of course after soccer we decided to head out to dinner.  Colten and Bricen were good little men!
Miss Aubrey looks ADORABLE in my sun glasses!
Of course Mya Moo was with us too.  I love that goofy smile!
Recently Miss Aubrey has been a big daddy's girl.  I would not have it any other way!