Friday, February 21, 2014

Weekend Recap...

We had a pretty low key weekend. We are impatiently awaiting daddy's return from California.  
Claire has really missed her daddy.  Last weekend we decided to send him some kisses.
We also helped Aunt Lori celebrate her birthday.
 She has had LOTS of tears over daddy being gone, and it is just so sad.
These two are sad too, just not nearly as bad as their little sister.
 Colten spends a lot of time playing basketball and is constantly asking me to take pictures!
 I do let them sleep with me from time to time when he's gone. After all they are good little snuggle bugs and I like having them close when no one else is home.

Lucky for them daddy will be home Monday!

Snow Days...

We had about a foot of snow a couple of weeks ago so needless to say the kids had a couple of snow days! Unfortunately Justin and I still both had to work so time was spent at Grandmas.  They even got to spend the night, all seven of them!
Claire and Carter are becoming great friends.

Aubrey loves her thumb, and her girl cousins!
This kid is just a mess!
Such pretty girls building wonderful memories together!

Our little chef loves to help cook!
I know it looks scary but Claire LOVES to sit on the counters. That's her favorite spot at our house too.

Oh boys!
Time for bed!

Needless to say they did not want to come home!
Claire has recently been on a trip where she HAS to pick her own clothes out to wear! Oh my!
And just because they are to cute not to share! Claire is VERY into puzzles.  Lucky for her Colten, and Aubrey don't mind helping her.
Finally Claire took a selfie at the basketball game the other day. It made me laugh when I found it!
Oh yeah, and because I LOVE this picture!

Monday, February 17, 2014


We had a wonderful time at the K-State VS KU basketball game last Monday night.  Is it sad that beating KU was the third most exciting event of the evening?  The baseball team signed autographs before the game, and I LOVE watching Colten interact with all of them.  Such a treat.  I love seeing the players in a more social setting and getting to know their personalities a little more.  Colten naturally had a wonderful time as well, and is is very proud of his poster.  As we were walking around before the game Colten was asked to be in the Little Cat Slam Jam. Naturally he was thrilled, and when we went back to tell daddy the baseball players had LOTS of ideas on what he should do on, during, and before his dunk.  I think he rolled all the ideas into one big production! The crowd loved it, and again the baseball team really cheered him on. What a fun night! Did I mention to make the night even better the Cats won?!?


Basketball season is in full swing for Colten, and he is loving every minute of it. He has had two games so far, and they have won both! Go Nuggets!  It is amazing that in just a few weeks the whole team has come so far.  In both games he has had two points (that's saying a lot as it does not take very many points to win a game at this age), he had a couple of rebounds in the first game but in this last one he had about ten! I love this boys competitive nature, and his drive.  I can't wait to watch him improve as the season progresses!