Monday, October 31, 2011

First Outing...

Claire's first outing last week was a success! You forget about how much work it is to get out of the house with a newborn. We haven't even attempted to get out just the five of us but I am sure that will come soon. We took Claire to see her Great Grandma, and Great Grandpa here in town. They both loved her and it was great to see them interact with her.
In the car ready to go!
I know it's not a real smile but I still love it!
Justin with his Grandma, and Claire.
Great Grandpa Dick and his newest granddaughter!

Friday, October 28, 2011

Claire Patricia...

On Friday October 21st we welcomed our final bundle of joy into the world. It was everything we could hope for and more. We arrived at the hospital at 5:30 that morning and at 7:42 we had a baby GIRL! Not finding out what we were having was SO much fun. It was a moment I will remember for ever and to be able to share that with Justin was wonderful. I was a little surprised at girl however I never put it out of my mind. We are now a family of five and it is so sweet.
One last picture of the big belly!
Got to love his outfit!
One last picture of mommy and daddy. We walked out of our room at 7:20 so everything went really fast once we headed to the OR.

First picture of our sweet baby girl!
Getting weighted and measured. Her weight was 7lbs10oz and she was 20 and 1/4 inches long!
I think she wanted her mama! Or she was mad because she had just been cut out of a nice warm body!
First picture with her mommy, and daddy!
I think her daddy wants to keep her!
Getting checked out in the nursery.
FINALLY her mommy gets to hold her in the recovery room.
They let the kids come back to recovery to meet her. The pictures aren't the best since I still couldn't move!
They were VERY excited to finally meet her.
Aubs got a turn to hold her too.
Daddy and his new baby girl.
So not the best picture but the kids got to tell everyone that we had a baby girl, and named her Claire.
Her first bath...she was not a fan.
All Clean!
Happy in Grandpa's arms!
Holding both my girls.
On Saturday morning she was ready to cheer on the cats!
She had to stop watching the game long enough to get her hearing checked.
Doddle LOVED holding her.
I think she captured her daddy's heart.
All of her information.
All snuggled in.
Getting ready to go home Sunday morning!
All ready to go!
She liked her car seat.
Daddy carried her to the car.

All buckled in and ready to go!

Thursday, October 20, 2011


My favorite little vampire, he is obsessed with all things vampire and I love the imagination that comes along with it!

Night Before Baby...

I can hardly believe that in ten hours we will have a sweet little new life in our hands! We are truly blessed to have made it this far and it really does seem like a dream at this point. Part of me is ready but part of me wants to continue to carry it for at least another month! I thought it would be fun to record every one's predictions. I am so glad we decided not to find out! It has been SO much fun not knowing.

Daddy - Girl, 7lb7oz, 24 in
Mommy – Boy, 7lb10oz, 20 in
Uncle B – Girl, 8lb, 28 in
Uncle D – Boy, 7lb4oz, 19.5 in
Meme – Boy, 6lb12oz, 21 in
Grandpa J – Boy, 7lbs, 21 in
Aunt L – Girl, 7lb3oz, 19 ¾ in
Grandma K – Boy, 6lbs15.5oz, 21 in
Aunt Lori – Girl, 6lbs8oz, 19.5in
Aunt S – Boy, 7lbs8oz, 20 in
Bricen – Boy, 1562lbs, 52 in
Whitney – Boy, 7lbs8oz, 18.5 in
Aubrey – Girl, 10lbs, 100 in
Grandma Donna – Boy, 7lbs8oz, 21in
Colten – Boy, 400in
Grandpa Mike – Boy
Grandma Ginger - Girl

Carving Pumpkins...

Tonight we wanted to do one more fun activity as a family of four so we decided that a little pumpkin carving was a great activity!
The kids with their pumpkins before the fun started.
She is the best! Very excited to carve pumpkins.
He was thrilled too! He was proud of the pumpkin he picked out.
I love the look on her little face.
Helping Colten get all the GOO out of his pumpkin. He wanted NO part of this.
Aubrey and Daddy drawing where they want to carve.
Colten went over to make sure they were doing it right.
They passed his inspection.
Finished product. Not the prettiest but pretty is hard to do when you have an extra hand on top of yours because they want to carve too!

It was a wonderful evening and I am beyond thankful for the fun we were able to have tonight.

Pumpkin Patch...

The kids had field trip to the pumpkin patch on Wednesday and I was fortunate enough to join them. They were naturally very excited to be going, and to have their school friends ride in their cars with them. Despite the cold a great time was had, and the kids are asking when we can go back and visit it again. I keep telling them that it will have to wait until next year but so far they aren't buying it.
My big pumpkin after we got there!
She (as well as everyone else) was SO cold but still so excited to be there.
In line to start all the activities.
I can't believe she is old enough for school too!
All the kids.
Colten once he had picked his pumpkin
In the pumpkin patch! Aubrey LOVED searching for her very own pumpkin.
My happy boy on the hayrack ride.
Aubrey liked the hayrack ride too however she could not stop sneezing! I think the girl may be allergic to the hay!
We can't wait to visit again next year!