Thursday, September 29, 2011

Trip to Visit Jeret...

This past Sunday the kids and I took a trip out to the cemetery. Colten has been talking a lot lately about Jeret and it melts my heart. I knew this day would come but never would have imagined that he would realize and put things together at such a young age. He is very aware of Jeret and the fact that they were in my tummy at the same time. He talks about how he use to play with him and it is always followed by "I miss my brother". We are trying our best to explain things to him and his sister but that is much easier said than done. I think it is something he should know but what is really to much for a four year old? On Sunday he asked me to take him to see his brother. Of course naturally I had to do it. We sat out there for about half an hour and he shared his gummy bears with him. Aubrey went with us. She doesn't truly get it and I am not sure she ever will get it as much as Colten. I feel like the twin bond is still with them. Needless to say it was a relaxing and peaceful time and I love that we can go see him without being completely miserable in the heat. I cannot wait to take them out there again!

Aubrey being Aubrey. She was talking about her brother in this picture and wondering why she can't see him like she sees Colten.
Such a strong, sweet boy. I love him SO much and feel so incredibly blessed to have him in my life. What a little fighter.
Talking to me about his brother, and how they use to play together in my tummy! Have I mentioned I love him beyond words?
This is when he was being very sentimental about Jeret. He was so serious for the first few minutes and then finally relaxed. He was VERY worried about Aubrey stepping on Jeret he kept telling her that we needed to be respectful.
My babies talking to their brother. It melts my heart.
All these extra pregnancy hormones are in overdrive and make me even more emotional about Colten and his brother. I'm glad that he is aware but it is very bittersweet!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

A Day of Appointments...

Yesterday was a day FULL of appointments. Justin, Colten, and I all had doctor appointments needless to say we spent LOTS of time in waiting rooms.
Colten's appointment went GREAT. We went to the Children's Mercy clinic in Junction City to get an update on how he is doing with his growth hormone! The report was fantastic! He has grown an inch and a half since April which is great (they want him growing two inches a year). I am behind thrilled to report that he is officially in the 37th percentile for height, and the 50th percentile for weight. We are beyond grateful to see him improving SO much on the charts. He did have to have some blood taken yesterday and that was traumatic but overall he did great. We will go back for another update in six months!

My appointment last night went great. We are getting anxious now that the 36 week mark is about to hit! I can't believe how fast this pregnancy has gone and I can not wait until the 21st! The doctor said everything went great and we are beyond thankful we have made it as far as we have.

A Perfect Weekend...

This past weekend was pretty much perfect! We could not have asked for a more relaxed laid back couple of days. As I mentioned in my previous post Friday night we went to a party at the kids school. They had a wonderful time and Justin and I enjoyed putting a few more names with faces. Saturday they attended a birthday party at the zoo (they are STILL talking about it), and then had a trip to the park with their Grandma's! Justin and I met them there after the Cats beat Miami! We let the kids decide where they wanted to do dinner and ended up at McDonald's...Shocking I know! Sunday after church we stayed at the house until the kids and I decided to go get a treat late afternoon. I think every now and again it is beyond wonderful to have a low key weekend at home. I am trying to enjoy every moment as a family of four before we are joined by our little bundle of joy! This weekend was definitely a perfect weekend!
Enjoy the photos from Cico park!

Wordless Wednesday...

Saturday, September 24, 2011

A Weekend of Birthday's...

A couple of weekends ago we headed to KC, and Topeka for multiple birthday parties! Everyone had a lot of fun and the kids were thrilled to be able to stay in a hotel! Justin and I took our moms with us so we could attend a birthday party for Justin's best friend David, and his wife Samantha. We got up Saturday morning and spent some time that day shopping. After that we headed to David, and Samantha's daughter's second birthday party. Despite having the party start with some rain we had a great time. It is so neat to see the kids pick up where they left off the time before. After that party we headed to Topeka to celebrate with Uncle Greg. The kids had a great time at Applebee's and were exhausted by the time we got home that night. It was a busy weekend but we feel very fortunate to spend that much time with family, and friends.
Excited to get on the road!
Since Daddy wasn't home from work yet we took some pictures while we waited!
Love my goofy man!
Such a sweet girl.
Silly faces are the best!
Eating pizza at the birthday party!
They look like they are in a deep conversation! It makes me smile.
Colten having SO much fun!
She LOVED the park too!
Love the happy look on her face!
Did I mention he had fun?
Such a great place to have a party!

Aubrey, Addison, and I celebrating with Uncle Greg. She was pretty busy playing with the phone and didn't have much time to take a picture!
I love the men in my life!
The best smiles ever. I think they both love Baby Carter.
Uncle Greg with Aunt Sara, and Grandma Karen.
Happy Birthday Uncle Greg. We hope you enjoyed your day!

Party at Oak Grove...

Last night we attended a get together at Oak Grove (which is the kids school). They had a GREAT time reconnecting with some of their old friends, and were heartbroken when it was time to leave. It was such a good reminder to me as a parent on how important social interaction is for them! Please excuse the poor picture quality but I didn't think about bringing my camera in until after the fact so these were taken from my phone.

So excited to get the party started. I love their faces.
Miss Aubrey telling me to hurry up and take her picture so she can play some more!
You can tell that he didn't want to hold still for very long! So happy they had such a great time.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Monday, September 19, 2011

KSU VS Kent State...

This past weekend we attended the second home game! We are happy to report that the Cat's looked MUCH better this weekend and pulled off a convincing win! We had planned on leaving both kids with a sitter but at the last minute Colten decided that the game would be more fun than playing with his cousins! Aubrey decided that she wanted to stay behind so it was a date with my favorite little man! Justin always works before the games so Colten and I headed over and found our seats. He was excited to be sitting outside and was adorable cheering on his Cats! He was thrilled to have some alone time with mom and dad!

Watching all the pregame activities!
Love this little smile! He had a great time with just mom and dad!
He was VERY serious...Just like his daddy!
The love each other!
And because no post is ever complete without a picture of my favorite girl!

Friday, September 16, 2011


A few weeks ago Colten and Justin headed to Wichita for a wrestling event. Colten had been talking about going for weeks and was thrilled that the day was finally here. They both had a great time and I love that they have their own little bonding experience.
My little wrestler! He was beyond thrilled to go. He loves one on one time with his daddy! I'm not sure why pictures from my phone upload so small...GRRR!
Colten and Justin getting ready to head to Wichita for wrestling!
He was excited for the show to start!

His favorite wrestler!
Colten told Justin to take a picture of the pretty girl! He is all boy for sure!

Wildcat Football...

Living in Manhattan it's a given that football season will be a big deal! A couple of weekends ago the Cat's had their first game and although it wasn't pretty a win is a win! Our family is fortunate enough to be season tickets holder's. We had a great time before the game tailgating with our families as Justin had the game off for the first time in five years. Unfortunately once we got to the stadium I didn't take any more pictures. I am going to blame it on pregnancy brain! The kids stayed until half time and although they were still having fun we decided to take them to the babysitters.

I just realized I didn't post this picture with the other Purple Power Play photos so I figured I better post it now!

Family Photos!

Grandma Ginger, and Grandpa Mike with a few of their grand kids.

This was the only picture we took at the game. Isn't he perfect?
Our family is all ready for the game this weekend. Hopefully it goes a little better than the last one!