Tuesday, February 21, 2012

4 Months *SIGH*...

Our little miracle is four months old today, and let me just say it doesn't seem possible. Again I wish we could stop time and just have all three of them stay little forever. I know I say it all the time but they are growing up WAY to fast...especially Claire. She is my LAST baby and I need (okay maybe want) her to stay little forever. In her four months she has brought so much joy and happiness to our family. Colten, and Aubrey adore her and are so helpful. They both love to "babysit" and do a pretty good job. This morning Aubrey babysat while I got ready and it was so sweet to listen to Claire babble at her and have Aubrey babble back. Colten picked out his little sister's clothes this morning and it made my day. I love that there is no jealousy and that they want what's best for her always. Last night Colten tossed my cell phone, and it hit Claire in the face. Of course Claire started crying, but Colten did too. He felt SO bad about it and I swear he apologized ten million times.
We do not have our four month check until Friday but I will update all her stats then. She isn't rolling over yet but it is hard to practice rolling over when you have a mommy that never puts you down! Since Daddy has been gone it's been a little more difficult to get anything done but then I think about how you are my last baby and that my to do list will not be my last so you are my top priority. You sleep pretty good at night but since you have been so congested you have been waking up quite a bit. You are nursing about five times a day still and will take a couple ounces of milk from a bottle while at day care however you are not a big fan. Other than your reflux bothering you, you seem to be a pretty happy girl...now if I could just convince you to stay this size!
These first two were taken Saturday. She's not four months yet in them but she is still adorable!

4 Month Photo Shoot!

These last few were from last week but I think she's to cute not to share!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day...

Despite all the sickness in our house we had a great Valentine's day. The kids did not get to have a party at school but Claire got Valentine's from all her friends! We gave small gifts to each of them and ordered pizza for dinner. It was my kind of night! I think Pizza was the best gift Justin could have gotten me this week. Colten waiting patiently to get his gifts down...I was on the phone so they had to wait longer then he would have liked.Poor girl you can tell she doesn't feel good!Claire did not want to wait...she was hungry.With his loot...we were deemed the best parents ever!She was excited too. This is the most excited she has been in several days now.

Sickness Has Hit...

Sickness has hit our house in full force, and let me tell you it has been anything but fun! UGH! Aubrey has RSV so LOTS of coughing and hand washing going on with her. We are trying to keep Claire as far away from her as possible but it has been FAR from easy. She has been home since Tuesday and if I had to guess she will be home tomorrow too. Things are about to get a LOT crazier since baseball season starts this weekend so I am praying that she is on the mend by then. Colten has a cough and has ran a slight fever so nothing to serious for him. Miss Claire has an AWFUL cough but still no fever (thank God). She also spent last Wednesday night in the hospital for reflux issues. Let me just say that I HATE reflux. The poor girl is miserable with it. The hospital stay was for nothing to serious. Our doctor just wanted to monitor her oxygen levels all night, and make sure that she was stable. She was. Her other big push was so that we could be guaranteed to get some test ran the next day. If we would have been outpatient we probably would have had to wait a week or so, and since she wanted to monitor her feeds for 24 hours we decided it would be in every one's best interest. We are still waiting to her when our appointment is at Children's Mercy in KC but should know all that soon. Thank goodness for Health Insurance...these kids are expensive. As you can see in all the pictures she was FAR from really being sick! Here she is when we first got to the hospital.She was happy the whole time and all the nurses LOVED her, just not enough to snuggle her all night! Tired girl. I think this was about 2am. The girl does not do well with being out of her routine.The next day she was SO tired once we got home.However she was still happy!You can really tell in this one that she doesn't feel the best.The goal for tonight is to get EVERYONE feeling better!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Almost 4...

Look who is almost 4! So excited to celebrate with our girl in a few weeks!

Monday, February 13, 2012

Daddy Daughter Date...

Justin took Aubrey on a Valentine's date last night and they both had a wonderful time. They had been talking about going on a date for several weeks now and Aubrey was thrilled when she found out last night was the big night. She INSISTED we go to the mall and buy a new dress and I agreed (any excuse to shop is great in my book). While at the mall she told EVERYONE who would listen that she was going on a date with her daddy, and that he was going to bring her flowers. When we got home she kicked daddy out of the house so she could get ready. It made me laugh because I asked her what she was going to do if daddy came before she was ready and her response was make him wait in the living room. Oh how true that is! I'm sure in the future we will have plenty of boys waiting in the living room on our girls. They went to Little Apple and then out for ice cream. When they got home I asked Aubrey if she had a good time and her response was "the best time ever".

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

SO Big...

Someone at our house is getting SO Big. She is enjoying new activities and starting to express a personality! What a wonderful thing!
She loves her play mats! It keeps her entertained so that her mama can get something done!

Look at our other new trick! We can sit in our bumbo!

Of course in the grand skeme of things she is still itty bitty, and I am reminded of that in this picture.

We are beyond blessed!

Wordless Wednesday...

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Christmas (Better Late Than Never?)...

So it is February 8th and I am just now getting around to blogging about our other Christmas's! I have a new baby at home as well as a perfect 5 year old, and a 3 year old who is as sweet as can be so needless to say I do not have a lot of extra time on my hands. I did decide that I still want all the Christmas pictures in my blog book so I have to swallow my pride and blog about something that occurred almost two months ago!
I am going to start with Christmas Eve. Christmas Eve was spent with my dad, and the rest of his family. We had a great time. We did lunch at our house, and then headed to Topeka to visit my cousins, aunts, and uncles, as well as my grandparents. It was fast and furious but I am so glad we took the time to do it.
Here are the kids at our house on Christmas Eve. It's funny how we went from having no young children in our family to having seven. Isn't life fun?

With Grandma Ginger, and Grandpa (It's REALLY hard to get a good picture of everyone!

With Uncle Brett (unfortunately Auntie Whit had to work).

Wow! Lot's of little ones!

Family photo!

Colten excited to start opening gifts.

OK so I didn't get any of Aubrey opening gifts...I know mother of the year (Actually I will blame her daddy I am pretty sure I was holding a sweet baby girl)!

At Great Grandma, and Grandpa's we had a great time seeing everyone but once again I was very busy and didn't get a lot of pictures taken.

Christmas morning we opened gifts from Santa at our house. Santa was good to everyone this year!

Excited to see all the gifts! Believe it or not we had to wake them up!

I love those three SO much!

Daddy with his babies! I am one lucky mom!

Excited to start their stockings!

Baby Claire had help opening everything. We are SO fortunate that Colten, and Aubrey adore their little sister.

There was LOTS to open.

We had a wonderful Christmas. It was nice to be able to spend so much time with everyone!