Thursday, December 26, 2013

Music Concert...

The kids had their annual music program at school a couple of weeks ago. They both did an amazing job!
Colten played the drums in one of the songs!  He was serious about it.
 Aubrey was SO excited to see us sitting in the crowd. It made me laugh because she looked sad until she spotted us and then she was all smiles. She is beautiful!
 Claire was pretty well behaved. We only had to take her into the hall once! I will take that!
 Again Colten had a serious face!
 The had lots of great cheerleaders.
 He was not a huge fan of the tie. He kept messing with it!
 She kept smiling at us when she knew we were taking her picture! Goof.
 I loved that at one point she was in front of him!

 Grandma Donna, and Leah attended too!
 The whole group!
 I love how she looks at her daddy! She loves him!
 Outside after!

Great job kiddos!

Party Time...

Colten had a wonderful seventh birthday party. We were very lucky to be surrounded by both family and friends. We did it back on December 7th so that people could actually attend. We learned VERY early on that the closer you get to Christmas the fewer people you have. It's a small price to pay for him to have all his friends there and now he truly gets a birthday month.
We went to Varsity Donuts and the kids had a ball. It's not a good place to take a bunch of boys who are excited to see each other outside of the school setting as they have to much energy to be confined.  
Miss Claire loved coloring on the giant chalk boards/
Colten with a few school friends.
Grandma Donna and two of her granddaughters.
Cousins and friends making their donuts.
Grandma Karen, and Claire!
Happy Birthday buddy!
These girls were to busy coloring to eat cake.
Donuts were a different story.
I think the kid received about seven footballs for his birthday! I would say his friends know him well!

After his party we went back to the house for some dinner, and gifts.  The girls were all jumping on the bed! Silly girls!
Colten read the books Aunt Angela, and Uncle Greg gave him for a long time!

It was pretty much a perfect night, and any time we get to celebrate Colten we are fortunate!

Monday, December 23, 2013

Jeret's Day..

As always our hearts ache to day as we long to hold our sweet baby boy. 
It's hard to believe that seven years ago today Justin, and I sat helplessly as a great team of doctors and nurses attempted to save our baby boy.  In the end they were not victorious but I am forever grateful for them.  They sat and cried with us for hours that night.  It's amazing how that night stands out so visibly in our minds. How when you stop and think about it, it feels as though it was just yesterday. 
I am a firm believer that we still have grief because if we did not have that it would feel like we did not have him.  
Justin and I long to hear him play with his brother to have twin boys.  I wish I could say that seven years later my heart doesn't hurt every time I see a set of twins but it does.  I know that now that Colten is aware he hurts as well. I am grateful for the twin bond that I feel will always be there.
Jeret - On this day I want you to know how thankful we are for you. That you will always be a part of our family. That we love you.   We know that our family will be whole again someday in heaven and that day will be amazing.  Until we get there watch over us. Keep us healthy, and happy.  Help us always know that you are by our side.  Let us feel you on both our darkest days, and our brightest.  Most importantly know how loved you are.  Know that even though you are not here on earth with us that you are a HUGE part of our family, and that will never change. Rest in Peace Baby.

Home Video's...

Claire's new favorite song!

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Happy Birthday Colten...

Happy SEVENTH Birthday to our amazing boy.  It is hard to believe that seven years ago you were just a tiny little guy fighting for your life. Now you are full of joy, and love. We admire all you do for your sisters, and what a wonderful friend you are. I hope you know how much we love you!  We spent this birthday in Wichita at a bowling alley - arcade. You had a great time playing games, riding go karts, and bowling.  What a wonderful day.
Colten - You have accomplished SO much in your seven years of life. You are a black belt in karate, on a traveling baseball team, and want to start piano lessons. That is one well rounded kid if you ask me. I hope you never lose your passion and love for life. I hope you are always confident in EVERYTHING you do but more importantly I hope that you are happy doing it. I hope you know that your dad, and I love you unconditionally. That we will always be your biggest cheerleaders.  I hope you know how much your sisters adore you, and that they have a wonderful role model to look up to!
We love you to the moon and back!

Thursday, December 19, 2013

First Mass For Aubrey...

The kindergarten class at MCS lead their first mass a couple of weeks ago. They all did such a wonderful job!  It is so sweet to see them begin to embrace their faith at such a young age. I think with it being the Christmas season it was a wonderful opportunity to really take in to consideration the importance of sending them to a faith based school.

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

It's Cold Outside...

It's been SO cold outside lately! Lucky for us these two pretty girls could not look any cutter all bundled up!