Friday, August 31, 2012

Purple Power Play...

Last night we headed down to Poyntz to attend the purple power play. The kids always have a great time running around and getting more junk treasures they do not need. At the end of the night the baseball team always takes the stage and tries to get everyone excited about the upcoming year in K-State sports. Needless to say the kids were EXHAUSTED this morning and both needed showers before school...always a fun time!
The babies took it all in!
Colten and Aubrey both had a great time on all the bouncy houses.
After they were bounced out it was time to put out a couple of fires!

My little Bling girl!
Colten on the big stage with the baseball players and his daddy!
As an added bonus we ran into Willie in the mall before we left!  Unfortunately Claire wanted NOTHING to do with him.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Wedding Dress...

When we had Claire's 9 month pictures taken I thought it would be lots of fun to have some pictures of Aubrey taken in my wedding dress. My wonderful idea is to display them at her wedding some day....even if she thinks that is a horrible idea I'm still glad I did it. She had so much fun and I think they all turned out great! Can not wait to do this with Claire some day!

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Happy Birthday Grandma Donna...

We celebrated Grandma Donna's birthday a few several nights ago. The kids had a lot of fun making grandma's cakes and having everyone over for spaghetti! Any excuse to play with their cousins is great for them. We hope you had a wonderful birthday Grandma. We appreciate all you do for us!
The evening started with some serious trampoline jumping!
A wagon ride is always a must!

Plus  a little dress up!

Followed by some singing!
And a failed attempt at a group photo!

Wordless Wednesday...

Monday, August 27, 2012

Back to School Fairy...

The back to school fairy paid a visit to our house last Tuesday night. The kids were so excited to see what she had for them!
She had a letter explaining who she was, and why she was visiting.
She had a whole basket of stuff for them to share!
Including first day of school gifts for their teachers.
Plus a small gift for both of them!
She also had a new shirt for each of them.  It was not her plan to have them wear them on the first day of school but she has decided that next year that will be the plan!
They loved her and are excited for her to visit every year.