Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Wow! It has been forever since I last blogged. Needless to say I have lots of catching up to do! I spent the last week in the hospital with pregnancy complications and am still feeling the effects of the stay. Justin and I are so thankful to have such supportive friends and family to jump in and pick up the pieces the past two weeks or so. I went back to the doctor last night and am going to be done working until post baby. It really is best as I still am running on little to no steam. We are praying that I can still make it to 39 weeks before delivery. Realistically I am not sure that will happen. I have a great doctor and she is preparing medically for an early delivery and keeping a very close eye on me. The hope is that I can still deliver October 21st. I have never made it to my scheduled date and would REALLY like to this time. Other than that things are still plugging along! We are ending summer and preparing for a very eventful fall.
I missed these two like crazy but I am thankful they were in good hands and that they were able to come visit (no clue as to why the pictures are smaller but I don't care enough to try and figure it out)!

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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Fishy Fun...

Last night while going through some things in the storage room I came across our old fish bowl. Naturally the kids wanted to pull it out (instead of getting rid of it like I wanted to do). They then decided that they need a couple of fish as new pets! Since we were already headed out to dinner with Justin's mom we decided to make a trip into Petco and came out with Nemo, and Princess! I bet you can't guess who named the fish!
Colten annoyed that I made him stop and take a picture.

One excited girl! She was to excited to look at me!

With the fish they picked out! Apparently you can put female betas in the same bowl. I didn't know that until last night.

Excited to put the fish in their new home! I told them they had to but their PJ's on before they put the fish in the bowl but Daddy is a sucker and let them go at it once they were naked!

Aubrey pouring princess (yes her fish is pink) into the bowl!

Colten putting his fish in the bowl!

The three best thing's in my life looking at our new fish!

Yes the fish were both still alive this morning!
I meant to get a picture of the fish in the bowl at the end but had pregnancy brain and completely spaced that out!
Again excuse the cell phone pictures. I promise to charge my camera battery soon!

Fort Fun...

Last night I brought home a few boxes to use to reorganize (yes nesting is in full force) our storage room. However before I could get the boxes to the basement the kids had claimed them. You would have thought I brought home tickets to Disney World. They played in the boxes for about an hour and then got mad at me for taking them back to use! I love the innocence of a child!
Colten's Fort!

He was THRILLED to have a box to play in. Tell me again why I buy them toys?

What a silly boy!

Her approach was a little different than Colten's...

However I still love it!

Please ignore the CRAZY hair (poor girl)! Crazy hair and all this girl brings us so much happiness!

Please excuse the bad photo quality. My camera battery was dead so I was stuck using cell phone pictures.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Monday, August 15, 2011

Ears Pierced...Again...

This past weekend we made a quick trip to Wichita. We all had a lot of fun and are excited to go back again soon. We decided that while we were there we would get Aubrey's ears pierced (they were pierced before but I bought earrings that were to cheap and they got REALLY infected so we took them out). Aunt Lauren decided she wanted hers done for a second time so on Saturday morning we headed to the mall.
In Wichita on Friday night. They love to head that way!

When we first got to the mall she was SO tired. It is hard to stay a wake all day when you wake up at 4:15am! Luckily she was excited enough to stay awake through the process!

She was SO excited to be there finally!

The girls getting ready!

Aunt Lauren's turn. She decided she should hold her hands since I held Aubrey's hands when it was her turn!

Showing off her new earrings!

Ta-da! She was thrilled!

And because no post would be complete with out a picture of my best little man!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Surgery Update...

Colten had what we hope is his final surgery for a LONG while this week. On Tuesday they went in and did some thing to his little boy parts. He really wasn't nervous or anything before. He got up that morning wanted to know if he was going to have to have a shot when he got there and when I told him the medicine they were giving him would put him to sleep before his shot he was fine. We went to the surgical center and he did wonderful. He pulled through his surgery just fine and we were home about 1 that afternoon. He did really well until about 7:30 that night and then I think the "strong" pain meds wore off and he was in some serious pain. It was beyond awful. He screamed from 7:30 until midnight. He finally fell asleep around 2am and then we had to get him up at 4 to give him some more pain meds. BIG mistake! I finally decided that I had had more than I could take (seriously he was in SO much pain on pain killers) and took him to the ER. The ER doctor took one look at him and completely agreed it should not be as bad as it was. He gave him some numbing cream to put on his incisions and it helped immediately! I was so thankful for that. We then doubled his does of pain killers and that really helped manage the pain. He is on the max dose but we are trying to wing him. He laid around pretty much all day yesterday and last night was about a million times better! We all got some MUCH needed rest (Yes Justin is still sick) last night. Today he is with Grandma and seems to be doing better and wanting to do more. Just hope he continues to improve. I'm so glad this is behind us. There is NO way I could have done this with a new baby around. I hate to seem him in pain but am thankful we won't have to think about it again until his teenage years! Here are some pictures from the last couple of days.
Here is Miss Aubrey blowing kisses to her brother in hopes that his surgery was going great. She was headed to school for the day!

Colten was in a great mood that morning!

Getting ready to head back to surgery!

After surgery trying to wake up still!

During our 4am trip to the ER. My heart broke for him. I had NEVER seen anyone in so much pain. I hate that helpless feeling you get when your child is hurting and there is absolutely NOTHING you can do to take the pain a way.

Here is my boy this morning. Back to being much happier! I hope that we finally have his pain figured out and he can go on being a normal four and a half year old!

Wordless Wednesday (On Thursday)...

Weekend in KC...

We spent last weekend in Kansas City with my family (my dad, step mom, stepsister, brother, sister, and Bricen). It was FAR from the trip we anticipated but still a lot of fun. We started at Schlitterbahn and then headed to the Royal's game that night. Justin and my dad BOTH ended up with the flu so they did not attend anything. It really was an awful day for them. However the kids had a ball and wore this pregnant mama out! We hope to be able to go back again soon when everyone is feeling LOTS better.

Here are the kids getting ready to head into schlitterbahn! They had a great time unfortunately once we were in the door I was WAY to busy chasing them to take pictures.

Colten watching the Royals game. Of course it wouldn't be a Royals game if we didn't spend $5000 on food!

Here the kids are excited to spend some time in the little K. It was so much fun!

Colten at the plate!

He did really well and kept telling me to pretend he was Mike Kindall (a K-State player) instead of Colten!

Sliding into home!

Aubrey got a chance at it too. She however preferred the merry go round!

Her turn to run the bases!

They look thrilled don't they?

We hope to have many more many trips with family! Hopefully next time everyone will be feeling great!

Mark Simoneau...

At Dick's last weekend we ran into Mark Simoneau (he was there signing autographs) and figured it was the perfect photo opt! As you can see the kids were thrilled to meet him!

Monday, August 8, 2011


The kids are SPOILED rotten and were able to attend the fair both last Sunday night, and last Monday night. We went two separate nights because on Sunday night they were on their first ride and it started to POOR! I wanted to share these pictures as Mya, and Bricen were able to tag along with them on Sunday night. I love having so many family members SO close. We are beyond blessed!

Friday, August 5, 2011

Karate Kid...

Just wanted to post some recent picture of the karate kid in action!

He looks SO big in these!