Friday, June 29, 2012

Soccer Camp...

Colten attended soccer camp clear back in March. I found these pictures on my camera today and realized that I had never posted about it! I thought I would share as he had a blast.

Blue - Black Belt...

Our little man had his FINAL testing last night for Karate Cubs.  He did an awesome job and earned his blue-black belt.  I have never been so proud of hin in his life.  This is really the first time he has gone through the "process" of an achievement.  He was pretty proud of himself too.  He will move on to the "big kids" class next week.  My how the time goes fast.  It seems like it was last week that he started. 
Colten - I hope you ALWAYS know how proud of you we are.  You brought us so much happiness last night.  Good work buddy.  Keep up the wonderful work!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Bible Camp...

Colten, and Aubrey attended bible camp all last week with Grandma Donna. They had a wonderful time, and came home every night to tell us about the day, and what they had learned. What a wonderful oppurtunity for them. Aubrey was excited that her teacher from her first year of preschool was her teacher for camp. Colten was just into everything going on around him.

Wedding Fun...

Claire attended her first wedding this past weekend. She did great and naturally everyone loved our baby girl. The big kids opted to stay home and have a sleepover with grandma. They had LOTS of fun too, and are already asking when they get to do it again!

Junior Golf...

Look who gets to start junior golf today!
Today say he is excited is an understatement!  He was up birght and early this morning, and the first thing he asked to do was to get his clubs down.  I think he may follow in his daddy's footsteps and have a love for Golf.  I'm sure I will hear all about how it went tonight!

8 Months...

Our baby big girl turned eight months old last week. I know I say it every month but I wish time would SLOW DOWN!  At eight months old Claire is sitting very well on her own, can wave bye, is starting to clap, and has mastered the art of eating solid foods (she really does not like baby food anymore).  She brings us SO much joy, love, and happiness, and is truly the missing piece to our family.
We don't go back to the doctor until next month so I do not have any new stats to share.
I forgot it was her eight month birthday until after she was ready for bed.  She was EXHAUSTED in these pictures so the smiles were not as great as they usually are.
She LOVES her brother, and sister.
The next day while we were getting ready we decided that we needed to snap a few more "8 month" photo's! Seriously she is SO cute. 
Of course she has a cousin who is 11 months, and has a LOT more hair than her!  I have a feeling they are going to be the best of friends some day.
Then there is Aubrey who is looking more, and more mature every day!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Happy Father's Day...

We had a wonderful Father's day weekend. Saturday Justin woke up and golfed before Colten's t-ball game, and then Sunday we headed to my dad's "farm" for the day. It was so nice to be somewhere with no distractions, and cell phone service. We enjoyed a great day with my dad and step mom, stepsister, and my sister. The kids were able to run free, ride both tractor's, and a four wheeler, shoot guns, and just enjoy the day. We can not wait to do it again soon. Once the house is finished I'm sure MANY weekends will be spent up at the farm. What a wonderful little escape from reality.

Justin and colten getting ready for the first four wheeler ride of the day!

In case you can't tell we had one excited boy!
After the first ride they decided that they would let me join in on the fun!
Eventually Auntie Whit, and Aubs got to ride too.
Miss Claire was content sitting with grandpa and waving hi.
After some fun on the four wheeler it was time to break out the tractor.  Colten had a ton of fun with grandpa on the tractor.  He got to raise, and lower the bucket which made him happy.  He even got to pick up some cabinets that were being thrown out from the remodel work inside.

Aubrey decided to sit with her daddy and love on him!

Claire did the same!
Aubrey then decided that she wanted to ride the four wheeler some more with Aunt Lori, and Mommy.
After the four wheeler fun it was time to shoot guns.  Aubrey really enjoyed shooting her pink gun.
We decided to take Miss Claire on her first ride too.  She smilled the whole time!
To end the day Colten, grandpa, and I rode to the cemeitary where we have some family buried and then headed to look at the house where my grandpa was born.
What a wonderful father's day!
Justin - I hope you know how appreciated and loved you are.  The kids and I are so greatful for everything you do for us.  I hope and pray that Colten grows up to be half the man you are, and that the girls are able to find a partner in their life that is as great as you.  We are so blessed.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Monday, June 18, 2012

Theater Camp...

Theater Camp took up the first two weeks of June for the kids. They went for an hour and a half every morning and for the most part loved it. Colten, and Aubrey had a "play" last Friday that was wonderful. They "danced and acted" to songs from both the Lion King, and Little Mermaid. I was so pleased and proud of the effort that both of them put in. It was simply perfect. It was dark in the theater so I got crummy pictures but my mom did a video so I will post it eventually. Colten, and Aubrey you did an awesome job and we are so proud of you!